The 10 New Bali

The New Bali is a tourism development project prioritized by the Indonesian Government to attract more foreigners visiting this biggest archipelago country in the world. Until now, Bali is still the leader because of its success in the tourism sector.


The elements forming the success of Bali tourism are the community readiness to accept foreigners, the infrastructure, lodging facilities, fluency in foreign languages, hospitality, clean water supply, telecommunication networks, maintaining very strong customs and culture, harmony in religion and beliefs, innovation and creativity of artists and craftsmen, regard to religion places and tourism object as well as intimate and warm interactions with each other.


The Ministry of Tourism does not want to eliminate the characteristics, culture, tourist attractions and history of the potential area to be same as Bali. Rather, they want to promote several potential destinations and tourist attractions all around Indonesia to be well known all around same as Bali. In order to do this, the government has worked with stakeholders to seriously resolve the 10 New Bali Project all around Indonesia.


Here are “the 10 new Bali” tagline campaigned by the Indonesian Tourism Ministry.



1. Lake Toba


lake toba is the new bali

Credit: Wikipedia


Toba is the largest volcanic lake in Southeast Asia that was formed from a massive eruption process 10.000 years ago. Lake Toba has a beautiful panorama with green hills and blue lake water. Toba Lake has great natural potential and are still trying to be part of The Global Geopark Network. The distinctive feature of Toba Lake is not only natural scenery but also culinary, Bentor vehicles and the culture as well.


The government has chosen Toba Lake as one of the national and international tourist destinations and targeting one million foreigners in 2019. The Lake Toba development is focused on 3A elements which are attraction, accessibility and amenity.



2. Tanjung Lesung


tanjung lesung beach

Credit: Pantainesia


The shape of Tanjung Lesung Beach is quite similar to the tip of a dimple because the land beach edge juts into the sea and is sprinkled with white sand. The charm of the underwater world is equally beautiful. Other activities visitors can do here are snorkeling, banana boat, diving, mini golf, fishing and many more.


Tourists can enjoy seafood available along the coastline. And the visitors can watch the performance of the Fire Dance and the Martial Arts by the local community in the coastal area. Of course, enjoy the beauty of the sunset while on this beach. Tanjung Lesung destination is like a paradise that should not be missed.


To increase the visit of foreigners, the Government has launched a quality improvement for Serang – Panimbangan toll road, Panimbangan Airport, railway lines and electricity as well as clean water installations. Same as Toba Lake, Tanjung Lesung will become a “One Stop Service” and targeting one million visitors in 2019.



3. Tanjung Kelayang


tanjung kelayang the new bali project

Credit: LampungPro


Tanjung Kelayang is located in Bangka Belitung Province. The beauty of granite rocks attracts the eyes to watch the traces of the amazing natural view. Granite rocks which have many shapes are considered like birds, large and small and standing above sea level. White sand, clear sea water and fishing boats that can be rented adding to the potential attraction of this tourist destination.


The Ministry of Tourism supports Tanjung Kelayang as a place of recreation and resort by maintaining the quality of human resources, airport infrastructure, lodging quality and other related ones.



4. Kepulauan Seribu


kepulauan seribu aerial view

Credit: Pigijo


The Jakarta Province want to make Kepulauan Seribu as a world class tourist destination. Kepulauan Seribu are divided into three islands based on natural conditions and tourist facilities. The three islands are Pari Island, Harapan Island and Pramuka Island. Nautical ecotourism is developed with good natural potential and the success of maintaining the ecosystems.


Targeting two millions tourists in 2019, the government has improved the 3A elements which are the attraction, accessibility and amenity. Boat transportation is needed to reach Kepulauan Seribu. Therefore, the Government is repairing ports for cruise ships and boats at Marina Ancol port, Muara Angke port and Muara Kamal port.



5. Borobudur Temple


borobudur temple scenery

Credit: SherSheGoes


Borobudur Temple is located in Central Java and has been the Seven Wonders of the World set by the UNESCO. Borobudur is a relic of the Sailendra Dynasty in 750-842 AD. There are thousands of reliefs, hundreds of statues and dozens of stupas. At Borobudur, visitors can enjoy the rising and sinking of the sun accompanied by an eccentric atmosphere.


Religious and cultural tourism has been closely attached to the body of Borobudur. Not only local, tourists from all over the world are excited to visit this magnificent wonder of the world. This place is placed as sustainable tourism by the Ministry of Tourism which has the potential to attract foreigners by two million people in 2019.



6. Bromo – Tengger – Semeru


bromo tengger semeru are the new bali

Credit: WallPaperDinding


Mount Bromo and Semeru, everyone know the beauty and majesty that stands perfectly in East Java. These two mountains are active volcanoes which have an altitude of 2392 meters (Mount Bromo) and 3676 meters (Mount Semeru) above sea level. Here you can enjoy the sunset and riding a horse. These areas are favorite places to visit by local as well as foreigners. Naturally, the government seeks to make it an “International Geo-Ecoculture Park”.


Bromo-Tengger-Semeru become one of the top destination in Indonesia based on the geosystem, ecosystem and the socio system (Tengger). The government has been accelerated the infrastructure development in those areas while at the same time targeting two million foreigners.



7. Mandalika


mandalika lombok view

Credit: Beritagar


Located in the South of Lombok Island, Mandalika is a very special region where green savanna hills meet marvelous beaches. Mandalika is a special tourism economic zone. Extensive development is happening right now with several luxury hotels being built. Mandalika will also have a world class racing circuit that will host MotoGP race.


Destinations in West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara are often referred to as amazing fairy tales. Its natural pattern has proven to attract many hearts of local and foreigners. However, water facilities, telecommunication, internet networks, infrastructure and culinary facilities are still a major problems for the government.



8. Labuan Bajo


labuan bajo is the new bali

Credit: TerbangKeBulan


Labuan Bajo is another beautiful island that has become a priority tourist destination by the Government of Indonesia. This island is located in East Nusa Tenggara. The green hills and the coast line that reflects light gradations can be enjoyed when visiting this place. Labuan Bajo has a port and airport surrounded by charming scenery. Many foreigners have their businesses and settle on this island. The government will branding Labuan Bajo as “The Gate Point of World Ecotourism in East Nusa Tenggara”.


Targeting two million foreign visitors in 2019, the government has already do some actions including to improve the quality of Komodo Airport through the extension of the runway from 1850 meters to 2150 meters and increasing the status to an international airport. Also to add cruise routes from or to Bali, Lombok, Flores, Wakatobi, Morotai, Makassar and international cruise.



9. Wakatobi


wakatobi aerial view

Credit: TravelingYuk


One of Indonesia’s famous underwater natural beauty is Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi. The flora and fauna also become an attraction that is undeniable. The local and foreigners divers are amazed by the Wakatobi’s underwater natural charm. Even the legendary adventurer, Jacques Cousteau called Wakatobi as the “Underwater Heaven of Nature.


The government seeks to make Wakatobi as a “Biodiversity, Water Sports and Cruise Tourism” in 2019. And then invites investors to invest in incentive schemes. The government will increase the service capacity of Matahora, Wangi Airport and Maranggo, Tomia and Wanci ports.



10. Morotai


morotai the next bali

Credit: Phinemo


Last for the new Bali is Morotai. It is a famous island called the “Hidden Paradise” and “Pearl in the Pacific Lip”. This island is located in north of Halmahera Island, North Maluku. Underwater beauty is no less charming with other destinations. Morotai has 33 islands which 7 islands are inhabited while 26 are uninhabited.


The government in creating priority destinations makes Morotai as the “East Indonesia Window”. The natural and historical landscape is expected to bring about 500,000 foreigners per year. The government promise to make Morotai the “New Singapore”.