Recommended Duration:

From 4 to 12 days



From all major airports in the Indonesian archipelago



Beautiful culture still alive (Toraja)

Beautiful traditional villages

A great diversity of landscapes

Unspoiled jungles & waterfalls

Sea Gypsy Village



Difficult and long transfer between each point

Why Sulawesi?

Sulawesi is one of Indonesia’s most fascinating Island. It is tied physically and historically to the sea and ringed with teeming waters and reefs; its interior is mountainous and cloaked in dense jungle. Here rare species such as nocturnal tarsiers and flamboyantly colorful maleo birds survive, as do proud cultures, isolated by impenetrable topography, who guard their customs against the onslaughts of modernity.


Meet the Toraja Highlanders, with their elaborate funeral ceremonies in which buffaloes are sacrificed and balok (palm sugar wine) flows freely; the Minahasans in the far north, who offer spicy dishes of everything from stewed forest rat to grilled fish; and the Bugis, who are mainly found inhabiting Sulawesi’s coastal regions and are Indonesia’s most famous seafarers.