Local Experience in Toraja

Toraja discovery is the one kind in a lifetime! Explore and spend time with the Toraja People, one of Indonesia’s most famous tribes. You can discover the culture, stay in the village and share a little time with the locals. This trip will also make you discover everyday life while visiting the local market, hiking in the surrounding area to familiarize yourself with the landscape and, of course, by discovering the culture of Toraja through the discovery of funerary tomb.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Makassar - Toraja

Arrival at Hassanuddin airport of Makassar, reception at the airport and private transfer to Tana Toraja (about 8 hours), you will cross the Buginese area with their houses on stilts through beautiful landscapes and mountains.

Lunch at the local restaurant in Pare Pare.

Afternoon, arrival at Tana Toraja.

Diner provided.

Night in Missiliana Hotel Rantepao.

Day 2: Rantepao - Trekking in The Middle of Local Villages

After breakfast at the hotel, head to a traditional market to buy fresh herbs and spices, crispy vegetables and everything you need for the next activities with your host. Then transfer by car to a traditional village, start trekking through the villages of Toraja, you will admire the beautiful landscape of the country of Toraja, rice terraces, old houses, coffee and cocoa plantations, old tombs, etc.


Take part in the daily activities, people take  palm wine, pounding rice, drying coffee, etc. We will walk on the path, rice terraces from 3 to 5 hours depending on your physical condition. We will stay with a family who will show us how to prepare the traditional Toraja meal.


Night in a Homestay ( Local House)

Day 3: Enjoy Toraja

Join the local people doing their daily work in the rice field or help them pick up coffee beans (depending on the season), visit the local health center, etc.


Night and dinner share with your host family.

Day 4: Toraja Tour

Short morning walk then departure to visit the charming villages of Tanah Toraja, stone tombs in the village of Lemo, the royal tomb of Suaya and Sangallo. Lunch at a local restaurant.

After lunch, visit the natural caves – burial places – Londa, and visit the traditional village of Ke’te Kesu, famous for its sculptures. Return at the hotel, dinner and free evening.

Night and dinner at the Homestay (local house).

Day 5: Toraja - Sengkang

After an early breakfast, leave for Sengkang via Palopo. Upon arrival in Sengkang, we will board a local motorized fishing boat to explore Tempe Lake to see the floating homes and lifestyle of those living by the lake. Visit the traditional silk weaving at Tanasitolo.

Homestay (house on stilts).

Day 6: Sengkang - Ramang Ramang

After breakfast, drive to Makassar via Bulodua where you can enjoy a superb panorama. Arrive in Maros and go to the village of Ramang-Ramang (karst mountain) for a short walk in the rice fields. Kampung Berua – the traditional village of Bugis/Makassar, light trek in the countryside to see the life of the local people.

Dinner and overnight at Eco Lodge. Night in an Eco lodge.

Day 7: Ramang Ramang Airport

After breakfast, leave by boat and then by car. Visit the Leang-Leang cave, continue by visiting the Parang Tinggia Village to see hundreds of bats nesting on the trees (right next to the houses).

Transfer to the airport to catch the next flight.


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