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Thanks to our experience since 1999, our team creates awesome tours all over Indonesia. Alongside our local partners and clients, we imagine the best experiences to live in the largest archipelago on Earth.


At Authentic Indonesia, we take pleasure in making authentic escapes. From exceptional day trips and tour packages to tailor-made and unique programs, our team of passionate travel designers is pleased to meet your special needs.


Tailor-made Service

Aware that each project is singular, we have developed our tailor-made and customisation service to create the best experience to live in Indonesia for you, according to your travel wishes.


We can either customise a travel package based on your personal interests or design your tailor-made trip according to your special request.


Discover more about our Booking Process here.

Exclusive Concierge Service

Our concierge based on the spot will be pleased to answer your last minute wants.


Thanks to our local expertise, our concierge service will satisfy your desires within best delay from your arrival up to your departure to make sure you get the best out of your stay in Indonesia.

Extra Services On-site

We provide any additional services which may facilitate your stay in Indonesia, as for example a mobile phone, child seat, wifi router or even a VIP airport access.


Please let us know your special requirements in order to organise your perfect trip.

Responsible Traveller Kit

Conscious about the environmental concerns facing our today’s world, as a local travel agency we decided to provide to our customers a “responsible traveller kit” at their arrival in Indonesia, as to give a local response to the global issues.


Read more about the simple actions you can adopt to be a responsible traveller here.




Our team of travel designers is composed of native Indonesian coming from different islands of the archipelago.


Then, expatriates strengthen our team with their Western touch to best answer your needs. This combination enables us to guarantee the best customer satisfaction.


We are permanently in search of original places, unusual accommodations and authentic itineraries. We will always show you the best that our country has to offer thanks to our suppliers and expertise.



Our team supports you throughout the different steps of planning and booking of your trip and even during your stay in Indonesia, thanks to our individual concierge service.


We are used to last minute changes. Our team and working methods adapt to every single request in the most professional and flexible way to satisfy your special needs.



We fight to run our business along ethical lines, in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.


By partnering with a wide range of locals, we seek to maximise the positive benefits received by local communities. We always highlight the local cultural heritage and encourage the perpetuation of traditional customs and lifestyles.


Read more about our commitments on our Sustainable Policy page.


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