Nature Adventure

Recommended Duration:

5 to 15 days



Essentially from Bali Airport/Jakarta


Strong points:

A culture still preserved

Beautiful traditional villages

Some of the most beautiful dive sites in Indonesia


Weak points:

Long transfer

Not so many accommodation on the island

Discover the youngest part of Indonesia, Papua, part of the world’s second-biggest island, New Guinea.


What you will love in Papua the paradise


Papua is a pearl in the west side of Indonesia. Known for its natural beauty, it is the most demanded for natural tourism in Indonesia. In here, the exotic animals also exist. Making it the little paradise of the world. That’s why, many people come searching for its “treasure”.


The  charm of Papua’s peoples, the resilience of its cultures and the grandeur of its dramatic landscapes and idyllic seascapes will leave you speechless.


fam penemu island in raja ampat


It may be the youngest part of Indonesia, but Papua’s rich tribal traditions span thousands of years. This is a place where some people still hunt their food with bows and arrows. A place where roads are so scarce, that to travel between towns you often have to take to the air or the water. So unlike any other part of Indonesia, the province formerly known as Irian Jaya can feel like a different country.


There are some 250 indigenous languages spoken across Indonesian Papua, but in coastal areas Bahasa Indonesia is widely spoken. In more remote, inland regions, good English-speakers are few. Tall, fair travelers in remote villages may occasionally be greeted by elderly villagers speaking perfect, formal Dutch – an unexpected reminder of former colonial days.


asmat tribe


Jayapura is the provincial capital of Papua and the entry point to the region for many travelers, it has a distinctly contemporary Indonesian vibe. Although attractions in the city are pretty limited, it is the place to get the travel permits you need for heading to more remote areas.


So what you can do in Papua…


Papua offers sublime landscapes, extraordinary animals and an ancient and vibrant Melanesian culture. There you will be able to visit ancient tribes, go trekking in valleys, explore wild animals and discover the best undersea water.


undersea water of papua


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