Sumba Island is located in East Nusa Tenggara Province, in the southernmost islands of Indonesia. Sumba is one of the islands that holds a very unique landscape view.

This island is known for its natural beauty. Not only the beach, Sumba has a unique nature landscape including the waterfalls, savanna and hills. The natural beauty of Sumba has been well-known by both local and international travelers.

Sumba Island is one of the beautiful islands that offers phenomenal sunsets. Some unique destination and an experience to enjoy the sunset process with the sky from orange to violet, can also be found on the island which is famous for its Pasola tradition and its unique horses.

The Sumba Island can be reached in two ways which are by air and by sea. When using plane from Jakarta, you have to transit in Bali first, then continue to the island of Sumba through the cities of Waingapu or Tambolaka.

For those who are on budget, the sea route is the alternative choice by using the Pelni Egon ship which departs from Surabaya, then transits to Lombok and ends at Waingapu.