Hidden Paradise Weekuri Lagoon in Sumba

Southwest Sumba is one of the Regencies in East Nusa Tenggara Province and is located on Sumba Island. This regency has many beautiful places for you to visit and one of them is Weekuri Lagoon (Danau Weekuri). Lake Weekuri is located in Kalenarongo Village, Kodi Utara District, Southwest Sumba Regency.


Weekuri Lagoon size is not too large, about almost the size of a soccer field. The water is very clear, so the bottom of the lake appears from the surface, while the sand at the bottom of the lake has white color similar to sand on Sumba beaches. This is because the location of the lake is near the sea, only separated by coral cliffs. The water is salty, because sea water enters through the crevices of the cliffs and is then accommodated by a basin that is lined with rocks.


Sea water enters through the gap of the cliff and mixes with fresh water from the spring. So don’t be surprised if you feel different temperatures when you throw yourself at this magnificent lake. The combination of warm and cold water will be felt in some parts of the lake.


weekuri lake water has a salty taste

Credit: BisnisWisata


The Lake Weekuri is a favorite tourist attraction in Southwest Sumba because people are rarely meets a salt water lake and also the natural atmosphere around the lake is very beautiful. The lagoon is also not too deep. It is suitable for swimming. The atmosphere is still very calm and also still far from crowded. The view from the lake is also amazing. It is suitable to be an alternative destination for your vacation in Sumba.


The water which is as clear as glass, making anyone who visits this lake want to jump right in and swim there. Once you have satisfied enjoying the freshness of the water, try also going up to the cliffs that surround the lake. You will surely be amazed. From the top of the cliff, you can see the vast ocean and green meadows. Lake Weekuri also looks more blue from the top. Don’t forget to capture all of its natural beauty with your camera.


Located 60 km from Tambaloka, Southwest Sumba, it takes approximately two hours to reach the Weekuri Lagoon. Visiting Weekuri is perfect for those of you who have a high adventurous spirit tours. It is because after using air transportation from the capital of the Province of East Nusa Tenggara, Kupang, you still have to continue your journey by renting a car from Tambaloka. The road leading to Lake Weekuri is already partially paved, but the rest are still rough.


lake weekuri scenery from top of cliff

Credit: IDNTimes


You will also pass through a forest area where there are shrubs anywhere and you have to pass narrow road. After arriving at the guard post portal, visitors must continue the journey by walking about 25 meters to the location of Lake Weekuri. By the way, facilities around the lagoon are still very minimal. There are no food stalls or hotels here. Before visiting this place you should bring your own food and drinks. If you want to stay overnight, you can get lodging in Tambolaka City.