The island with an area of ​​around 5,435 km2 is located on the East of Bali Island. Lombok is part of West Nusa Tenggara Province. The main island is surrounded by several small islands. Local people refer to the islands as “Gili”.

For those of you who love animals and plants, don’t be surprised if you find flora and fauna that are similar to those in Australia. Because Lombok is the boundary line between Asia and Australia flora-fauna. In the western part of the island you can find animals and plants that are similar to those in Australia. While in the middle of the island there is a separator, called the Mount Rinjani.

The majority of Lombok Island people come from the Sasak Tribe. The majority of the Sasak people are Muslim. Those facts are the factors that influence the Lombok culture. The culture of the Lombok people is also influenced by the acculturation of Balinese Hinduism. So you don’t be surprised if you find many temples on this island.

Lombok beaches are tourist attractions you must visit when traveling to Lombok. Beside the beaches you can also enjoy other natural resources such as to explore the underwater scenery of Gilis, the natural coolness of the beautiful island of Lombok, as well as the uniqueness of Hindu temples.

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