Sulawesi is the name of an island in Indonesia situated in the middle of the Maluku Islands and the Island of Borneo. With an area covering 174,600 square km, Sulawesi is ranked 4th the biggest island in Indonesia after Papua, Kalimantan and Sumatra. In English, the old designation for Sulawesi is Celebes.

The name Sulawesi is thought to originate from the native language of Central Sulawesi, namely “Sula” which means island and “Wesi” which means iron. This refers to the trade of iron ore mining products around Lake Matano. While the first Portuguese discovered the island called Celebes to name the entire mainland of Sulawesi.

In the map of Indonesia, Sulawesi has a shape that is easy to remember. Shaped “K” that extends from north to south. It is bordered by Kalimantan Island, which is separated by the Makassar Strait, bordered by the Maluku Islands, which are separated by the Maluku Sea, to the north which is bordered by the Philippines and to the south which is bordered by Flores.