Borneo (Kalimantan) is an island in Indonesia which has not been explored by many tourists but has lots of uniqueness and attractiveness as well as rich cultural heritage. Borneo is famous for its tropical forests and has the most natural resources in Indonesia. Exotic flora and fauna are also offered by this third largest island in the world.

In the beginning, the island was inhabited by Dayaks as a native of Borneo. Usually they live in the forest and live nomadic. But now, the modernization have brought several indigenous Dayak Tribes to mingle with the people from various tribes in urban areas.

Dayak people live in longhouses called Lamin or Umat Daarul. Usually a house is inhabited by 50 people or more. There are many Dayak Tribes and sub-tribes recorded on the Island of Borneo.

The river plays very important role in the communication and economy of its population. Most people live and center along the river including their activities and their homes. Now the island of Borneo is an area owned by three countries, which are Indonesia, Malaysia and also Brunei Darussalam.