9 Best Places to Visit When Travel to Kalimantan

The end of the year is when people usually plan their traveling with their friends or families. If you happen to want to go travel but still do not know where, why not opt to go travel to Kalimantan? As we all know, Indonesia consists of main and small islands and one of the main island is Kalimantan.


Here is the thing, Kalimantan lays on the island of Borneo which 73% of the island belongs to Indonesia and the rest belongs to Malaysia and Brunei. As Kalimantan is located close to the equator, it is not a surprising thing if Kalimantan can get pretty hot. Also, as one of the main islands in Indonesia, Kalimantan or Borneo is the third-largest island in the whole world.


Here, you will find acres of lush and dense forest along with rivers. Hence, many tourists love to do trekking and hiking in Kalimantan to check out all of the flora and fauna. To help you plan better with vacation in Indonesia, we already prepare a list of 9 best places to visit when travel to Kalimantan.



1. Derawan Island


travelling to derawan

Credit: PesonaTravel

The first place you can visit when going to travel to Kalimantan is Derawan Island. For your information, Derawan Island is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Indonesia. Not only that but this island is also located off the coast of the main island. On this island, you will be able to experience good diving.


You can see lots of gorgeous marine life such as scorpionfish, blue ring octopus, ghost pipefish, and also bobbing seahorse. Want something more? You can dive into the ocean and go to the infamous rock named Blue Trigger Wall which is in 18 meters height and located 10 meters below the surface.



2. Balikpapan


balikpapan travelling guide in kalimantan

Credit: PergiMulu

The next place that you can visit when you go travel to Kalimantan is Balikpapan which is located in Eastern Kalimantan. In this city, you will be able to see a more modern life of Kalimantan. If you are already tired of exploring the jungle, diving into the ocean, or going to the countryside, you can go to Balikpapan and spend your weekends in the malls and restaurants and other places. You can also go to the museum and other tourist attractions in Balikpapan.



3. Maratua Island


diving in maratua island of kalimantan

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The next place that you can visit when you go to travel to Kalimantan is Maratua Island which is located between Indonesia and Malaysia. On this island, you will be able to find the infamous Tanah Bamban Lake and Haji Buang Lake. Not only you can check out those two gorgeous lakes, but you can also spend your days in a resort which has nice rooms that lay on top of the water and you can see all of the fishes and turtles. Besides enjoying your day with seeing fishes and turtles, you can enjoy snorkeling, jet skiing or renting a boat.



4. Banjarmasin


pegunungan Meratus di banjarmasin

Credit: Kompasiana; LinggaPratama

The next place that you can visit when you go to travel to Kalimantan is Banjarmasin which is located in Southern Kalimantan. In here, you will be able to see the mighty Meratus Mountains. For your information, Banjarmasin is divided by long waterways and with that being said, you can explore the city by taking a canal tour using a small canoe. While you are taking a canal tour, you will be able to visit the famous mosque in the town which is called Mesjid Raya Sabilal Muhtadin.



5. Danau Sentarum National Park


sentarum national park lake in borneo

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The next place that you can visit when you go to travel to Kalimantan is Danau Sentarum National Park which stretches for 132,000 hectares. This park is mostly made of a two-level rainforest along with large swamps. If you explore the rainforest and swamps, you will be able to see much local flora and fauna such as orangutans, the probosci’s monkeys, crocodiles, pheasants, and also storks. There are also groups of indigenous people, Dayak Tribes, who live in the park. You can visit Dayak ethnic camp and learn how they live.



6. Kakaban Island


swim in kakaban island lake of kalimantan

Credit: Phinemo

The next best place to visit when vacation to Kalimantan is the Kakaban Island which is famous for the lake that is located in the center of the island. In the lake, there are lots of jellyfishes which are not poisonous. Meaning, you can swim in the lake with these jellyfishes without having to worry that they will sting you. There are two species of jellyfishes in the lake. The first one is Golden Jellyfish and the second one is Moon Jellyfish. Swimming with these jellyfishes sounds amazing, right?



7. Kutai National Park


explore the kutai national park

Credit: KalimantanBerita

The next place that you can visit when you go to travel to Kalimantan is Kutai National Park which stretches for 198,000 hectares. This national park is covered in pristine ironwood forest and you will see rows of mangroves and also wild orchids. You will also be able to see much fauna such as sun bears, slow lorises, deer as well as the orangutans.



8. Mahakam River


mahakam river touristy place in kalimantan

Credit: BromPods

Another touristy place to visit in Kalimantan is the Mahakam River which is the infamous longest river in the East Kalimantan. This river is crucial to the people around it as the river supplies the people with water and this river also becomes one of the ways for people to travel around. Not only that but this Mahakam River is also the home of Pesut which is freshwater dolphins and other indigenous species.



9. Tanjung Puting National Park


river cruise in tanjung puting national park

Credit: LonelyPlanet

The last place that you can visit when you go to travel to Kalimantan is Tanjung Puting National Park which is one of the famous national parks in Kalimantan and stretches for 415,040 hectares. In this national park, you will be able to see lots of orangutans swinging from the trees. This national park also designated as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.


Fun fact: this national park has a sister which is located in Malaysia. In this park, not only you can enjoy a jungle cruise along the river but you can also do a boat tour and see all of the flora and fauna such as leopards, mouse deer, sun bears and red monkeys as well.