15 Recommended Tourist Attraction in West Java

The West Java Province is indeed famous for its natural beauty which is rarely owned by other regions in Indonesia. Many tourist attractions in West Java become a target by tourists because of their exotic scenery. West Java also has cool air because it’s surrounded by mountains, making the area more beautiful and charming. West Java famous not only because of its natural attractions but also for the cultural, culinary, beach and entertainment venues and dining places with unique concepts.


But the number of tourist spots in West Java actually makes tourists confused in determining the priority of which tourist attractions to visit. Well, in the article below we have made a list of 15 recommended tourist attractions in West Java.


1. Kawah Putih, Bandung




Kawah Putih or White Crater is very famous tourist attraction in Bandung. It is located in Ciwidey in West Java. The crater is on the top of Patuha Mountain, Ciwidey around 2 hours from Bandung, so it offers cool air with temperatures of 8-22 degrees.


Along the way to White Crater tourists will also be presented with views of trees that add to the coolness of this place. Be prepared to be fascinated by the beauty of this nature, thick fog and water color of the crater that looks bluish white.


The water in this lake can change color depending on the temperature, weather and the sulfur gas around the crater. There are many dead plants that leave only trees and branches sorrounding the lake. But this that make the crater secenery looks more artistic.



2. Green Canyon, Pangandaran


Green Canyon Pangandaran


Green Canyon which is located in Kertayasa Village, Pangandaran, is a very beautiful tourist attractions. It is presenting a charming towering high rocks. Visitors can enjoy the high cliffs with the Cijulang River flowing underneath.


The tourists can also go arround the Green Canyon using a small boat available there. Another activities tourits can do here is Body Rafting along the river below the cliffs through green trees around 3 kilometers in distance.



3. Stone Garden, Padalarang


Stone Garden Padalarang


Stone Garden is located on Mount Masigit, Cipatat. It is very exotic, popular and suitable as a place to take pre-wedding photos. Before, not many people knew the beauty hidden from the top of the Stone Garden hill. This field studded rocks is so amazing especially in the morning or at dusk when the sun sets.


After exploring the natural rocks scattered around the ancient lake, tourists can enjoy a phenomenal view from the top of the hill. From the top a wide expanse of scenery beautifully presented. A stone garden on a plateau on this hill will make you feel like you are traveling abroad.


You can see the rocks erect with an artistic formation from the top of the meadow on the hill you climbed. Many visitors capture this moment with a background of loose sky scenery and green farmland as well as the towering hills.



4. Curug Cikaso, Sukabumi


Curug Cikaso Sukabumi


Cikaso Waterfall, (Sundanese: Curug Cikaso) is a waterfall attraction located in the south of Sukabumi Regency. It is also known as Curug Luhur but the name Curug Cikaso is better known to the people because the flow of water comes from the Cikaso tributary, the Cicurug River.


Cikaso consists of three adjoining waterfalls and a pond below which has exotic turquoise water colors. The height of the waterfall which reaches 80 meters and the width of the cliffs of 100 meters presents a beautiful and charming view of abundance of water surrounded by green trees. The gushing water then creates refreshing exotic and cool water mist.


Tourists can feel the freshness of Curug Cikaso Waterfall and see the thin dew produced from the pouring of the waterfall.



5. Biawak Island


Biawak Island


Biawak Island or Rakit Island is an island located in the Java Sea in Indramayu Regency, West Java. It is about 40 kilometers from the northern coast of Indramayu. Biawak is a 120-hectare island full with thick mangrove converged with other kinds of plantation.


Biawak means “lizard” and there are hundreds of them hang around across the island. Every sun set, hundreds of lizards up to 1.5 meters long swim to the shore to hunt for foods.


Visitors can also find a towering lighthouse. Built in 1872, the 65 meters lighthouse consists of 16 floors. To reach the top of the lighthouse, visitors must pass around 300 rotated steps. The beuty of its underwater is also amazing and tourists can do snorkeling here. Hundreds of ornamental fish with beautiful reefs will welcome those who do diving in Biawak Island.



6. Ujung Genteng Beach, Sukabumi


Ujung Genteng Beach Sukabumi


West Java is not only famous for its natural attractions, it has also some of beautiful white sand beaches similar to those in Bali. One of the most beautiful beach spot in West Java is the Ujung Genteng Beach, Sukabumi. Ujung Genteng is also popular because one of the largest reserves for green sea turtles in South East Asia.


Ujung Genteng Beach is a coastal tourist area located in the southwest of Java Island Peninsula, directly adjacent to the Indian Ocean. The characteristic of the southern coast of Java Island is the clear water.


Ujung Genteng beach tourist area has six beautiful and nice beaches which are; Minajaya Beach, Pangumbahan Beach, Amanda Ratu Beach, Cipanarikan Beach or Pasir Putih Beach, Ombak Tujuh Beach and Cibuaya Beach.



7. Telaga Bodas Crater, Garut


Telaga Bodas Crater Garut


Talaga Bodas is one of the mountain attractions in Garut Regency. It is a small lake or “telaga” formed in the former crater of Mount Talaga Bodas. The crater itself still has volcanic activity, but it is not dangerous and safe to visit. This place presents beautiful, cool scenery and green hills.


As the name implies “Bodas” which means White, this lake has white water. In this place, tourists can enjoy the white craters, hot springs, hiking and even camping. Telaga Bodas is surrounded by mountains that are still lush and green and are directly bounded by wilderness.



8. Gunung Padang, Cianjur


padang mountain Cianjur


Gunung Padang is one of the oldest and largest megalithic sites in Southeast Asia. This site is located in Karyamukti Village, Campaka District, Cianjur Regency. The Gunung Padang site itself has several levels with different views. Large stones scattered are the sights that dominate this place.


Some archeologist even believe that it could be a pyramid which lies on this hill, buried under the soil and dates back to 9,000 – 20,000 years ago. The site complex is elongated covering the surface of a hill which is bordered by a row of large and square andesite stones. The site is surrounded by very deep valleys.



9. Curug Batu Templek, Bandung


Curug Batu Templek waterfall Bandung


Curug Batu Templek is a natural waterfall attraction in Bandung. When compared to natural waterfalls around Bandung, Curug Batu Templek is very unique because it has a natural landscape filled with rocky cliffs.


The reason why this waterfall is named Batu Templek Waterfall is because the place has rock mining and the stones that are mined are mostly flat rectangular or “templek”. And there is also a rock cliff that has a flow of waterfalls come from the river above it.


Curug Batu Templek is indeed not as beautiful as the other waterfalls in Bandung. But this waterfall has a unique charm and very different from other waterfalls because it is on a rocky cliff.



10. Mount Papandayan, Garut


Mount Papandayan Garut


Garut Regency, West Java, has several nature tourism parks and one of them is Papandayan Mountain Nature Park. Papandayan Mountain has attracted domestic and foreign tourists because of its beauty. Papandayan Mountain has a crater that still continues to emit sulfur gas. In this place, tourists can enjoy a vast crater area (approximately 10 ha) with its very beautiful view. The white and arid crater area framed by a beautiful green forest as well as the fresh air.


There are also other unique places such as the former eruption pool which is right on the edge of the crater, a dead forest area which is a forest area that died due to the previous eruption and also the campground. In this region there are also various activities that can be carried out by tourists from the panoramic view, sunrise, trekking, camping, mountain bike downhill, trail bike, to soaking in hot water.


11. Mount Lembu, Purwakarta


Mount Lembu Purwakarta


Mount Lembu is located in Sukatani District, Purwakarta Regency, West Java. It is a giant chunk of rock that when viewed from the east the shape of the rock resembles an ox that is sitting. That is why it’s called Mount Lembu. Once, Lembu was a volcano that erupted and under the mountain there was a lava plug that stuck down, which was originally a frozen magma in the volcanic pipe.


Mount Lembu has an altitude of around 792 meters above sea level. Although it actually doesn’t deserve to be called a mountain but the Lembu Hill is familiarly referred to as a mountain by the people of Purwakarta and among climbers.


When reaching the top, tourists can see the beauty of the Jatiluhur Reservoir from a height enhanced with clouds when the weather is clear. Not only that, tourists can also enjoy the enchanting landscape of Purwakarta City, coupled with Mount Parang which stands proudly behind it. Perfect natural scenery!



12. Kampung Karuhun, Sumedang


Kampung Karuhun Sumedang


Karuhun Village is one of the natural attractions which is located at in Citengah Village, Sumedang Regency. It is an integrated tourist area with natural nuances that are still beautiful. This place is located between hilly terrain (1200 meters above sea level) and tropical forest environment so that the atmosphere feels so cool and far from the crowds.


In this beautiful and cool protected forest area there are still various types of protected endangered species such as Hawk, Lutung, Surili, Apes, various types of birds, Porcupines and others.


Because this recreation place offers integrated tourism with eco green park concept, visitors will be presented with a very thick natural nuance and also provided various kinds of tree seeds such as durian montong seeds, guava, oranges and soursop which can be planted in conservation areas or can be taken home for self-planted.



13. Buniayu Caves, Sukabumi


Buniayu Caves Sukabumi


Buniayu Cave is one of the most interesting natural attractions in Sukabumi City, West Java. This cave presents the beauty of nature in the bowels of the earth with ornaments that have been formed for tens or even millions of years ago.


Buniayu has an area of about 10 hectares. It was first traced in 1982 by Indonesia cave expert accompanied by researcher from the French Speology Federation, George Robert and friends.


Of the many caves that were successfully laid out by cave experts only Goa Buniayu that attract more tourists because of the beauty of natural ornaments, including stalactites, stalagmites, flow stone and other ornaments. When going to this cave, visitors will be spoiled with green scenery and shady trees.



14. Puncak Guha Beach, Garut


Puncak Guha Beach Garut


Puncak Guha Beach is a small peninsula with cliffs located in Garut Regency, West Java. The beach is called Guha because underneath there is a bat cave which is still inhabited by bats facing the Indian Ocean.


Puncak Guha is different from general beaches because this beach has towering high cliff that directly adjacent to the open sea. That is the uniqueness of this beach. Visitors can enjoy a wide range of views of the open sea accompanied by the roar of the waves that alternately hit the cliffs.


Visitors are advised to visit this beach during the morning or late afternoon, this is because the sun will provide a beautiful view around that time. The expanse of green grass arround the beach makes this place very Instagramable and perfect for relaxing time.



15. Situ Gunung, Sukabumi


Situ Gunung Sukabumi


Sukabumi is one of the cities in West Java that has very beautiful and diverse tourist attractions. One of them is Situ Gunung Sukabumi. Located in the area of Gede Pangrango National Park, Situ Gunung has an altitude of approximately 850 mdpl. This mountain presents fresh air and beautiful natural scenery. Here, visitors can relax or even picnic on the edge of the lake located in Situ Gunung area.


One thing that attracts visitors to come to this place is to see the suspension bridge. The bridge which is built above the trees has a length of 240 meters and a width of 2 meters. And the height from the highest ground reaches 161 meters. The bridge that was built in mid-June 2018 also become access to the other tourist attraction, Curug Sawer Waterfall.