The Beaches of Southern Lombok

The south of Lombok presents extraordinary landscapes of rugged and arid relief embracing laughing mini-valleys lined with green rice fields or maize plants. The coast itself is still very wild, we could say “original”. The beaches of the Kuta region are among the most beautiful in the Indonesian archipelago. Getting away from the crowd, finding inner peace or simply lazing on the sand would be the perfect reasons to skip Senggigi, Mangsit, and the Gilis in Lombok. From the airport you can immediately go to these beaches in south part of Lombok and catch the beauty of them.


Kuta Beach


kuta beach lombok


Although it is not as busy as Kuta Bali, Kuta Lombok has also watersport rides such as banana boats and parasailing. The waters here are quite clean but due to many activities, the surface water are not as clear as other beaches around Kuta. In the area of Kuta Beach there are many guest houses, restaurants and souvenir shops that are mostly inhabited by foreign tourists. If you want to find a quieter location, walk to the left side of Kuta Beach. There you will find an area that is still quiet with small mangroves on its side.



Selong Belanak Beach


selong belanak beach lombok


A shiny white sandy beach reflects the clouds that hang in the blue sky. Maybe that is the best imagery to describe the Selong Belanak Beach. This beach has a very wide shoreline used by foreign tourists to sunbathe. This no-coral beach is also widely used for surfing for beginners. The waves that were not too big broke deep in the middle of the sea leaving the waves crashing gently sweeping the shoreline.



Mawun Beach


mawun beach southern of lombok


Mawun shoreline is horseshoe shaped with two hills flanking on right and left side. Although it is not as good as Selong Belanak, Mawun is also often used by foreign tourists to sunbathe. In the beach area there are still several large trees to shelter from the sun. This beach has clear blue waters with relatively small waves, but in the middle of the beach the contour is a bit steep with fine sand. To be safer you can go to the right and left side of the beach which is more gentle.



Tanjung Aan Beach


tanjung aan beach southern lombok


Crystal clear turquoise water and really fine white sand. Almost Caribbean-like! A huge long bay where you surely will find a lonely spot. Moreover, there is a second bay on the other side where you can also have a nice swim. From the hill that separates both bays from each other you can have a gorgeous view at the surroundings.



Seger Beach


seger beach southern lombok island


Before returning to the city, take the time to stop by to the beach where the Bau Nyale annual festival takes place. On this beach there is also a legend statue of Princess Mandalika who plunges into the sea because of her parents’ match issue. The princess’s long hair turned into a worm hunted by citizens and tourists every year so that they will easily get a partner (that’s what they believe). This beach has big waves because it is not blocked by hills and many surfers do their hobby here.



Mawi Beach


mawi beach lombok


Beside its popularity as a surfing beach, Mawi Beach has stunning scenery as well. The bay has white sand beach surrounded by hilly landscpae. Mawi Beach is located between Selong Belanak Beach and Mawun Beach. The wave quality is regional classic with the wave type of reef-coral. There are reefs, corals, sharp rocks, sands at the bottom of the sea. There is no facility at this beach but a small shelter.

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