Sumatra Island is a huge and exotic island in western part of Indonesia. This sixth largest island in the world is blessed with natural and cultural richness which add to the diversity of the earth’s archipelago.

Nature tourism is one of the mainstays of Sumatra Island. Sumatra offers marine tourism, mountains and large lakes as well. You can explore Sumatra by hiking, trekking or watersports.

Some popular tourist attractions in Sumatra that are well known to foreign countries are Lake Toba, Weh Island, Medan City, Batam City, Mount Kerinci, etc.

Exploring Indonesia is incomplete if you don’t explore the exoticism of Sumatra. This island is also home to many large tribes, such as Malay, Batak, Minangkabau, Aceh, Rejang, Basemah, Lampung and many others.