10 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Samosir Island

Many people think that Samosir Island is just a piece of land in the middle of Lake Toba, one of tourist attractions in North Sumatra.


But actually this volcanic island is a large island, covering an area of ​​630 square kilometers and inhabited by around 96 thousands people, which majority of them come from Batak tribes.


There are various ways to get to Samosir Island. The first is from Tigaraja Port, which serves the route to Tuktuk Siadong and Tomok.


Second through the Ajibata Port which serves the route to Tomok. The ferry that serves this route is large, because it also transports motorized vehicles. The duration of the trip by ferry is around 30 minutes one way.


For those who want to drive from Medan, can go through Kabanjahe – Dairi – Pangururan – Tomok (Samosir Island). Later, tourist cars will pass through Pangururan Bridge. Samosir Island is indeed connected with the mainland.


Arriving at Samosir Island, tourists can choose to go around all day or stay overnight. The hotel choices are varied and most of them have a direct view to Lake Toba and Samosir Island.


The volcanic island in the middle of Lake Toba, North Sumatra has a special attraction for visitors who want to explore the beauty of natural tourism in the Toba Lake region or get to know more closely the Batak culture in North Sumatra.


Have a vacation plan to Samosir? Let’s take a peek at the following most recommended tourist attractions in Samosir Island.



1. Tomok Village


tomok village in samosir island

Credit: Pinterest


Located at the gate of Samosir Island, Tomok Village is a traditional village with stiff Batak traditions and culture.


If you come to this village, tourists will be welcomed with traditional houses view complete with Sigale-gale dolls. Sometimes local residents will also do Tor-tor Dance for welcoming the guests.


There is also the Batak Museum and the cemetery of kings for those who want to understand Batak culture deeper.



2. Pangururan Hot Springs


pangururan hot springs on samosir island

Credit: Twitter


Tired after exploring the Samosir Island? Hot water baths can be a reliever.


Located on the slopes of Mount Pusuk Buhit, this hot spring has an unspoiled source. While bathing visitors can view the hills around it.


There are several pools available for visitors to use. The temperature of the water has also been adjusted to human body because the original temperature of the water is quite hot.



3. Lumban Suhi Suhi Village


lumban suhi suhi village

Credit: TourToba


If you want to find a typical Batak Ulos Cloth, then Lumban Suhi Suhi Village is the place. Already known as the Ulos producing village, most of the women here are craftsmen.


In this village, tourists can see how to make Ulos Cloth from the first stage. For your information, it is not easy to make a single sheet of cloth. It takes 1-4 weeks to produce it, depending on difficulty level.



4. Batu Hoda Beach


batu hoda beach

Credit: NewsCorner


Having white sand, Batu Hoda Beach is one of the beaches on Samosir Island.


This beach turned out to have a lot of stories. It is said that in the past there was a mare stranded on this island and faithfully waited for her stallion until she finally turned into a stone.



5. Binanga Bolon Waterfall


binanga bolon waterfall in samosir island

Credit: MasihBaru


Binanga Bolon Waterfall is located in a residential area, but to reach the waterfall area, visitors must pass rough terrain.


Once there, tourists can take pictures or to swim around the waterfall area. But still maintain safety, because the current is quite heavy.



6. Pandang Tele Tower


menara Pandang Tele

Credit: SumutHebat


The Pandang Tele Tower is the next Samosir tourist attraction located in Lumban Pinggol. This tower offers stunning view of the Samosir landscape from a height. Pandang Tele is also popular as one of the best spot to take instagramable pictures.



7. Sidihoni Lake


sidihoni lake in samosir island

Credit: Travelingyuk


Located in the middle of Lake Toba, who would have thought on Samosir Island there is also another lake. Nicknamed as a lake inside a lake, Lake Sidihoni is one of attractive tourist destinations on Samosir Island.


The phenomenon of the lake inside the lake itself is not much in the world so it is a pity to miss when you visit Samosir.



8. Aek Sipitu Dai


Aek Sipitu Dai

Credit: KopiSiantar


Located in Aek Sipitu Dai Village, visitors can come to a natural spring that produces water with seven different flavors. The origin of the spring itself is very close to the legend of the local community.


That said, in the past Ompung Langgat Limbong, which is the second generation of the Limbong Clan, was looking for water sources. After he prayed, he stuck his staff seven times to the ground. But his efforts were not successful.


After praying once more, the seven holes he made by sticking his stick began to release water and become a source of water that still exists today.



9. Beta Hill


beta hill landscape

Credit: Flickr


Beta Hill is another tourist attraction on Samosir Island located in Tuk-Tuk Siadong. Tuk Tuk itself has been famous as one of the centers of tourism on Samosir Island because of its natural view.


This small hill become favorite photo spots for photography enthusiasts including for pre-wedding photo shoot. Beta Hill offers amazing views ranging from beautiful landscapes, paddy fields and other hills.



10. Holbung Hill


bukit holbung samosir

Credit: Travelingyuk


Located in Janji Marhatan Village, Samosir Island, Holbung Hill is one of the best spots to enjoy the natural beauty of Lake Toba from a height. From this beautiful hill, visitors can see the activities of fishermen fishing in Toba waters or the exotic landscape of Samosir and its surroundings.


When entering the rainy season, Holbung Hill will be filled with refreshing green grass so no wonder that this tourist spot is also nicknamed as the “Teletubbies Hill” of Samosir Island.


Samosir Island is indeed one of the very unique and attractive tourist destinations in North Sumatra. If you have time while vacationing in Indonesia, Samosir Island must be included in your traveling destination.