Social Experience in a Traditional Village

Schedule 2 pm until 6 pm

Any day of the week

Best from Padang-Bai /Candidasa /Sidemen or for a stop over from Amed.

Time 4 hours

Social program  (some money reverse to create waste pick – up system)

Trip Itinerary

Everyday's Life in a Traditional Village (Half Day)


Social Experience in a Traditional Village


Drop off at the start of the village.

Lili and Gede will meet you and you will be able to walk through the traditional fishing village of Pengalon.

Discover the local population and arrive at your local family for the afternoon.

Take a while to rest and exchange with the family while drinking Bali Coffee and enjoying some seasonal fruits and Balinese cake.

Here you can ask many questions about the Balinese belief and their way of living.

Continue by helping Iluh to make her daily Canang (Balinese offering).

Prepare the Canang and if you’d like you can pray in the local family village temple.

After visiting the temple you can participate with the young Balinese to practice Gamelan, the traditional Balinese music.

They will happy to teach you and play a few songs with you.

The initiation will last for about an hour.

Time to say good bye to your family and continue your visit throughout another family who will show you the fabrication of handmade coconut oil.

Visit the Black sand beach and the fisherman before heading back to the end of the village for your pick-up !

If you’d like to stay longer , you can have a fresh Balinese typical dinner with your family , grilled fish and sambal Matah  from today’s catch ! ( extra charge )

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