The Enchantment of Kulukubuk Waterfall in Siberut Mentawai

During this time, people may think that Mentawai tourism only presents the beauty of the beaches and marine life. However, in the Mentawai wilderness, apparently there are some objects hiding their beauty for long time. The dense forest and its fauna are amazing. Moreover, there are several waterfalls that are not less stunning, such as Kulukubuk Waterfall and Bat Saumang Waterfall.


Kulukubuk is a beautiful waterfall located in the village of Madobag which is located in the forest about three kilometers from the Modabag settlement. Kulukubuk has its own charm in the rural area of Siberut Island. This waterfall is located in the Kulukubuk Backwoods, Madobag Village, South Siberut District, Mentawai Islands Regency, West Sumatra Province. This waterfall is one of the tourist destinations both for foreigners and locals.


Kulukubuk Waterfall in Siberut Mentawai consists of two levels with a height reaching 70 meters and is very suitable as a refreshing natural bath. Fresh air with cold water and shallow waters supports the beauty of water that glides swiftly. To access the area, visitors must take a path filled with mud and pass two small rivers that flow from the waterfall. Kulukubuk Waterfall Tour is an attractive program if you have plan for holiday in Mentawai Island, West Sumatra.


mentawai tribe in kulukubuk waterfall in siberut

Credit: Smithsonianmag


There are two paths that can be used to reach the location of the waterfall, which are by land and the waters. Using the land route, tourists can come on foot as far as 20 kilometres from the district center. Tourists can also ride a motorbike or a car which is rented from the district center, but before reaching the exact waterfall location tourists still must continue the journey on foot because the road to be passed is still not adequate yet.


Meanwhile, for the waterway, tourists can rent “pompong” (similar to speedboat-type) and can also ride with Madobag residents who want to return to their villages. Pompong rentals can be found in Bipak area, where Madobag villagers taking a rest when they come to the sub district center (Muara Siberut).


pompong transportaion in siberut mentawai

Pompong – Credit: Flickr


This beautiful waterfall is always full of visitors because besides being managed as a tourist spot, this place also becomes a barrier spot between Madobag Hamlet and Rogdong Hamlet so that anyone who passes around the waterfall always takes time to stop by even for just taking pictures, washing face or washing feet. Formerly this place was never managed as a tourist spot because it is said that this place is a bit haunted and also the water is very cold so that no one wants to stop by or take a bath there, but now the situation is different and well preserved for tourism purpose.


For tourists who come from far distance, a halfway house can be rented per room for overnight. Usually tourists who visit the location of the waterfall stay in this halfway house 2-3 days to enjoy the beauty of Siberut’s rural. In this halfway house no food is provided unless the tourists have made the reservation well in advance, but the tourists can buy food at the local food stalls before reaching to Kulukubuk Waterfall in Siberut.