5 Best Beaches to Enjoy Sunset in Sumba

There are many tourist attractions on Sumba that offer sublimity. One of the most popular destinations for visitors from various parts of the world is the beach. Some of the beaches in Sumba offer beautiful sunset views.


Sumba is famous for its endless beaches to be explored. For this time we will discuss about the uniqueness of Sumba beaches, especially the beauty of the sunset panorama you should not miss.


For you who love sunset photography, get ready! Here are 5 best beaches to enjoy sunset in Sumba.



1. Walakiri Beach


beautiful sunset in walakiri beach

Credit: ReferensiWisata

Walakiri is one of the beaches on Sumba Island which is already popular for its beautiful sunset. The beach, which is located in Watumbaka Village, Pandawai District, East Sumba Regency, offers an unusual sunset view with a background that you may rarely find elsewhere.


When you arrive at the beach you will be greeted by an orange sky. One thing that makes the sunset view at Walakiri Beach very unique is the background of the dwarf mangrove tress in some part of the coastal areas. Guaranteed, the sunset here will hypnotize everyone who sees it.



2. Mbawana Beach


Mbawana Beach sunset in Sumba

Credit: Direview

Besides Walakiri, Sumba Island also has Mbawana Beach, which its sunset beauty is difficult to match. This beach is located in Panenggo Ede Village, Kodi Bangedo District, Southwest Sumba Regency. To get to this location, you only need to travel for 1.5 hours from Tambolaka Airport.


Mbawana Beach is unique because of the high cliffs that surround the beach. In one corner of the beach, you will find a rock with a semicircular hole formed naturally.



3. Watu Maladong Beach


stunning sunset view in Watu Maladong Beach

Credit: IDNTimes


Watu Maladong is another best beach to enjoy sunset in Sumba. It also offers beautiful sunsets. On this beach, you will find a row of large and tall clusters of rocks. This beach is located in Kahale Village, Kodi Bangedo District, Southwest Sumba Regency.


You can see beautiful sunset against the background of high rocks, as well as from the rock gaps formed naturally. For those of you who like photography, don’t hesitate to take pictures of the sunset view because Watu Maladong Beach is ready to make your feed more instagramable.



4. Pero Beach


beautiful sunset from pero beach sumba

Credit: Padmagz


Pero Beach is a coastal area located in Pero Kodi Village, Kodi District, Southwest Sumba Regency. This beach is located about 40 km from the capital city of Southwest Sumba in Tambolaka with travel time of approximately 30 minutes by car.


The Pero Beach existence is not as famous as Tarimbang Beach, Puru Kambera Beach, or Walakiri Beach in East Sumba, but Pero Beach has two unique things that characterize this beach which are the waves and sunset.


Pero Beach waves are known to be quite large and elongated so it is suitable for surfing locations. Another beauty that Pero Beach has is the sunset. This beach is a favorite location for tourists and locals to enjoy the sunset in Sumba. In the afternoon, this beach starts crowded with visitors who want to enjoy the sunset.



5. Nihiwatu Beach


one of the best sunset view in nihiwatu beach

Credit: MLDSpot


Nihiwatu is one of the best beaches in Indonesia and even has the fastest waves in the world. It attracts the adrenaline of the world’s surfers. Even surfers dub this beach as the God’s Left.


Nihiwatu Beach is also known for its very charming sunset sensation. It is so perfect with clear sea and clean sand beach. Nihiwatu Beach even managed to beat the beauty of the famous panorama in Hawaii, Hanalei Bay. Its location which is away from the crowds is perfect for you who want to be alone and enjoy the atmosphere of the beach.