Walakiri Beach Sunset

Walakiri Beach is one of many beautiful beaches in East Sumba with a characteristic tends to be calm, sloping and having a stretch of white sand. Walakiri has a unique mangrove with white sand adorned with coconut trees that provide shade and a cozy atmosphere when visitors walk along the beach.



walakiri beach mangrove



Another uniqueness of Walakiri Beach is that there are 2 different types of sand texture between the sand on the beach and sand in the receding area of ​​the sea. The sand on the beach has a texture like beach sand in general which is ivory-colored granules, while the sand in the receding area has a texture like powder or wet cement which then dries and hardens. Another thing is that there is a clear line between the two types of sand. Walakiri beach is also the right spot to wait for the sunset because there are dwarf mangrove trees grow at the end of the shoreline that adding the beauty of Walakiri Beach sunset.



walakiri beach sunset



At a glance, if the water is high there is nothing that makes Walakiri Beach superior, but wait until the water recedes slightly. The silhouette of mangrove trees that twist like dancers makes Walakiri beach sunset a unique phenomenon and spoil the eyes. When the sun sets, the combination of the color of the twilight sky and the silhouette of mangrove trees looks truly artistic and photogenic to be photographed from all directions.

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