Surfing Lesson South Lombok

You already got your accommodation and / or you do not know if you like surfing but you want to try it out? You already had a few lessons but you are not confident enough to go for the green waves yet and like to refresh your basics?







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2 hour Surfing Lesson in South Lombok

This package suits first timers as well as a refresh on the basics of Surfing. Mainly focus on how to get up on the board, stance, balance & paddling out in the line-up (first day) followed by catching your first green waves, following down the line of the wave, first turns…

If you are already advance level , check with our consultant they will adapt the program to your needs !

Please Note :

Eco conscious surf school, we clean the beach at every lesson, we offer water refills, use reef friendly sun creams, and are the first shop in Kuta to offer zero waste products such as shampoo and soap bars, bamboo toothbrush and beeswax food wraps.

We try to set a good example to our teachers and staff, they live with us, we train them, nurture their surfing talent and we are trying to educate them to care for the community. We also donate to local charity Kuta Lombok dogs and sponsor a public bin.

Our teachers are also first aid trained.

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