A Helpful Guide for Your Holiday in Indonesia

Such a huge and rich country, Indonesia offers an endless experience for you in all kinds of excitement for you to enjoy either you are spending a short or longer time in the country. Every time you think you have done all the things, you will always find something new needed to be tried.


With a very large area and more than 13,000 islands in just one country, you may need some travel guide to at least make the best of your holiday even if you have a limited amount of time. It is important to “taste” all kinds of experiences in the country, from cultural, wildlife and nature as well as the adventure activities. Keep reading and I promise you there will be so much to find from things to do, best places and also interesting facts about Indonesia.



Things to do in the best places of Indonesia


If you have a limited amount of time in Indonesia, these things are the activities you need to experience first to make the best of the short that you have. These activities will make an unforgettable holiday of yours.



  1. Sunrise at Borobudur temple


witness the sunrise from borobudur

Credit: Klook


Not just ordinary sunrise that you can find every morning, watching it from the largest Buddhist temple in the world is a truly different experience in your lifetime.



  1. Enjoy floating breakfast like a king in Bali


enjoy the floating breakfast in bali

Credit: TravelByInterest


We all know about the great beaches and cultural tourism in Bali, so this one will make a different and unique experience as you visit this paradise on earth. Make yourself a king and queen for one day by enjoying a floating breakfast that is provided by some hotels and villas in Bali.



  1. Death celebration in Tana Toraja


death celebration in tana toraja

Credit: SouthChinaMorningPost


Fly to another island called Sulawesi, there is one district called Tana Toraja and they will redefine the meaning of death to you. The place and the tribe are known for their burial which is so unique. If the funeral practices you know is the time of grieving and mourning, you will find the exact opposite here in Tana Toraja. The death is believed to be celebrated as the soul is entering the paradise and the celebration is held big with extended rites.



  1. Batik, the national heritage


indonesia batik

Credit: JualKainBatikMadura


Back to Java island, here you have to get to know Batik, the traditional cloth of Indonesia that has been recognized on a global scale. Many Indonesian has taken batik as a part of the modern way of clothing, I think, while you are here in the country, why not try to wear Batik or even try to create batik. The art of making you can find easily if you visit cities like Solo, Yogyakarta or Pekalongan.



  1. The foods that will light up your tastebuds


what to eat in indonesia

Credit: AdventureInYou


Indonesian foods are known to be using so many kinds of herbs and spices in which create a very rich taste. Tough different places offer different types of food tastes but the spicy taste from chilies you will find in most of the food you find. If you want to find the real taste of Indonesian foods you can go around and find some street food. They will give you an authentic taste at an affordable price.



  1. Traditional outfits


indonesia typical traditional outfit

Credit: Pinterest


Being a country with lots of ethnicities and each ethnicity has its traditional outfits, makes Indonesia has various traditional costumes. You may want to try one or a few of them and take pictures of yourself in the traditional outfits, it will make a unique photograph that you can post on your social media.



  1. Komodo Island


komodo island is home for the komodo dragon

Credit: TravelingYuk


This is one of the treasures of the country. Hosted by a Komodo Dragon which is one of the ancient reptiles, the Komodo Island (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is known to be the only one place you can find this animal on earth.



Indonesia’s interesting facts


Indonesia is all about diversity, and inside it, there are interesting facts that will blow your mind. Before you traveled to the country, there are some interesting facts about Indonesia that you may need to know.


  1. Indonesia is not a Moslem country, but it has the largest Moslem population in the world.


  1. The biggest lizard, the Komodo Dragon that can grow up to three meters long, can only be found in Komodo Island in Indonesia.


  1. Rafflesia Arnoldi is the biggest flower in the world with up to seven kilograms in weight only grows in Indonesia. The flower is unique due to its bad smell that functions as a way to attract insects.


  1. According to the National Bureau of Statistics 2001, Indonesia is the country with the largest population of youth. More than 160 million people are aged under 30 with only eight percent of the population of the country are more than sixty years old in age.


  1. Being an archipelago country, Indonesia owns the second-longest coastline after Canada with more than 54,000 km long.


  1. If we are talking about the archipelago, Indonesia is the largest all over the world with over 18,000 islands.


  1. The volcanic lake named Toba is the largest in the world, located in Indonesia. The lake was a result of a huge volcanic eruption that happened around 70,000 years ago, and it was believed to kill most human beings at the time.
  2. The largest Buddhist temple can be found in Indonesia. Borobudur temple is the home for more than two thousand relief panels and more than five hundred Budha statues. It is located in Magelang, the city in central Java.


There are various things to do in Indonesia and this country has lots of interesting facts. Now that you have enough information to guide you, you are ready to travel to Indonesia and enjoy the beauty of Indonesia the country of diversity.