The Top Things to Do in Indonesia

Dear travelers, if you are preparing to cross Indonesia, this immense archipelago of 17.000 islands, you will have the chance to discover absolutely magnificent landscapes, culture and places. Authentic Indonesia has prepared a list of the top essentials to do in Indonesia.


Komodo National Park

the top things to do in indonesia komodo national park


Komodo National Park is considered as one of the seven new natural wonders of the world; it is the contrast between sea and mountain. You can access it through trekking, but also dive in the most beautiful sea bed of the world. The park is also known to shelter a large number of “Komodo Dragon”, but also many other living species, you will surely not be disappointed by this spot!


Gili Islands

the gili islands 

Gili Islands are  located near Bali and offers travelers a paradise setting, with sand and turquoise water. If you enjoy long horse rides or scuba diving in the sumptuous seabed or swimming in the natural habitat of turtles and other incredible species Gili Islands is the perfect place for you. It is certain that you will find your much deserved rest, enjoying a breathtaking view.


Hiking in Kalimantan

hiking in kalimantan


For the most intrepid of you, we suggest you  to go to Kalimantan located on the second largest island in the world, Borneo Island. Also known as the island of a thousand rivers, the Kalimantan area has remained in the wild. The island is covered with a thick tropical forest where the lush, dense and warm vegetation is crossed by many rivers that allows the island to be crossed from the interior. Rafting and hiking activities are therefore perfectly adapted. You will also see the famous orangutans, an endangered species as well as wonderful diving sites.


Visit Java and its Volcanoes 

visit java and its volcanoes


The next things to do in Indonesia is to visit the island of Java which houses many volcanoes, some of which are still active. Like Mount Bromo and Mount Kawah Ijen, which are located on the east of the island. You can also see superb lava flows from the Merapi Volcano on the Yogyakarta side, a perfect site for long hikes at 2000 meters altitude, which will allow you to reach unique views.


Let Yourself be Tempted by Indonesian Cuisine

indonesian cuisine


It is impossible not to succumb to Indonesia’s culinary specialties during your trip. In Indonesia, the cuisine reflects the culture of the country. Indeed, rice cultivation and local fishing allows you to taste the most amazing meals with rice and seafood. And the spices refer to the different culinary influences that the country has absorbed. Then let yourself be tempted by Satay (skewers), Nasi Goreng (fried rice) or Gado-gado (vegetables with a peanut sauce) flavored with coconut, coriander or citronella. Don’t forget to try one of our cooking class!


Gunung Leuser Nature Park

Gunung Leuser Nature Park


Don’t miss Gunung Leuser Natural Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This park is located on Northern Sumatra Island.  This place is one of the rarest parks serving as a heaven of peace for the Orangutan, the Sumatran Tiger, the Sumatran Elephant, the Sumatran Rhinoceros and many other species like the macaques or the Temminck cat. It is thus essential to go there in order to benefit a maximum of the fauna and the flora of the park.


Attend a Balinese Dance



Balinese dances are an integral part of Indonesia’s cultural heritage. These dances are the subject of sophisticated choreographies. The dancers are dressed in folkloric costumes and these shows allow us to understand the Balinese culture more. It is therefore essential for you to attend at least once during your trip. If you’d like you can also join our Balinese Dance Class during your tour.


Getting to Ubud

things to do in indonesia ubud


Must do in Bali! Ubud is an inevitable part of your trip.  Ubud is a city located in the center of the island of Bali, it is pleasant to discover the natural beauties and cultural riches that Ubud offers, a peaceful and almost mystical atmosphere reigns there. You can visit the monkey forest, walk through the rice fields, and immerse yourself totally with the local daily life.


Nusa Penida

nusa penida island indonesia


Nusa Penida is the dream of a wild island, located 30 minutes by boat from Bali, you can discover fabulous spots! Fine sandy beaches, turquoise waters… but the island is also known as an ideal diving spot where you can swim in the middle of its famous Manta rays. Nusa Penida offers travelers a small corner of paradise in calm and serenity, without a crowd of tourists you will find authenticity and wild landscapes.