Ubud local experience

Ubud local experience is a full day discovery program that we offer to all of you who
would like to discover Bali in a different way. On today’s program you’ll be able to visit to a local
school, explore rice fields & waterfall, visit a cooperative cow farm, spend some time in a Balinese house, visit a blacksmith and finally learn and practice some Balinese arts: Batik workshop , wood carving & gamelan music.

Trip Itinerary

Local village experience around Ubud

Arrive in the morning ( 9:00 AM)

*Walk in the rice fields
You will start with a walk in the rice fields, this is the opportunity to
understand how the rice fields, irrigation and harvesting is organized.
Wayan, your local guide whose parents are still farmers, knows the subject very well.

It is a very pleasant and rewarding walk in the middle of the rice fields where you can also observe the farmers working.
You also will visiting a hidden waterfall during your walk.

*Visit to a primary school
Then Wayan brings you to the elementary school of his childhood!
The teachers welcome you very kindly for an intervention with the
students. It’s an opportunity to discuss, exchange with young children, a
pure and very pleasant moment.

*Visit a cooperative cow farm
Then visit a village cooperative where villagers raise cows and grow
vegetables as part of a government-sponsored program.

*Visit the village blacksmith
Visit the village blacksmith or local people called Pande Besi, it’s a
status that is inherited from father to son. They make a traditional knives
and other accessories such as the pruning knife.

*Traditional loom (hand weaver)
Direction to another house in the village with this traditional loom, the lady who still continuing this work explained that she need about 2-3 months to finish 1 roll of batik or sarong.

*Visit and lunch in a Wayan’s Balinese house.

Wayan your guide welcomes you into his house and explains the structure of all Balinese houses with the temple, the place of prayer …,
this is the opportunity to meet his family.
It also shows you how they store rice, and family animals in the backyard.
Finally you will have your lunch in the house.
The afternoon will be dedicated to the practice of the arts
Discover and practice the Balinese arts
Here in every day art activities takes a big place for the Balinese. Today you will be lucky to have our professional mentor to
accompany you on your learning and practicing process.

The instrument is the gamelan that you find everywhere in Bali in all
events and ceremonies. After a few minutes you will be able to make
small melodies.

You will then have the opportunity to make your own Indonesian batik,
the first phase is the drawing, then the application of a hot wax for the
drawing and finally the colors. Once finished, the wax will disappear in
the wash and you can keep your achievement as souvenir.

As the last activity of the day, you will experiencing how to make a
carving in a piece of wood, a professional mentor will always beside you
to teach you the details of the process.

Today will be full of adventure and discovery, here you will discover an Authentic Bali and the daily life of life in a small village.

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