10 Bali Extreme Adventure Tours

Extreme and challenging activities during Bali holidays – Bali is not only a suitable destination for finding beautiful natural spots or learning the uniqueness of arts and culture. But, it is also an ideal destination for adventurer who are looking for challenging activities to boost their adrenaline.


If you are the one who claims to be a true adventurer, we have collected 10 Bali extreme adventure tours you must try during your vacation in Bali for your unforgettable experience. Check it out!



1. Paragliding in Timbis


paragliding sports in Timbis beach bali

Credit: FabulousUbud


Want to enjoy sensation of hovering in the sky of Bali Island from a height of 10 meters above the sea? Your curiosity will soon be revealed by trying the paragliding activity.


There are several locations where you can enjoy the excitement of Paragliding, including Candidasa, Mount Batur and Timbis (Timbis are the most exciting one because of the friendly wind for paragliding). Hold your fear, because there is a spectacular panorama that will be waiting for you during the gliding up there.


Your nervous will instantly disappear when you find the beauty of Bali’s natural panorama from a different angle. From extreme heights, you will see exotic combinations of white sand, stretches of the Indian Ocean waves, the splendor of steep hills covered in green trees, even the beautiful Uluwatu Temple complex is captured full of charm.


The best time to do paragliding is when the sun begins to set. Timbis Hill seems to get more beautiful from a height when accompanied by a sunset that adorns the beach background below. If you do not dare to paraglide yourself, do not be afraid because you can also fly accompanied by instructors.



2. Flyboarding in Tanjung Benoa


tanjung benoa flyboarding extreme watersport

Credit: BaliIndonesia


Another unique water sport that has recently been popular at Tanjung Benoa is the Flyboarding. This extreme sport which is popularized by world jet ski athletes, Frank Zapata, will make you fly like an Ironman superhero by using a special board that emits 200 pk water pressure that will make you fly over water. The board is connected by jet skis so it can do maneuver things.


If you are still a beginner, of course, it is not easy to stand on the fly board. You need concentration to be able to maintain body balance when riding it. But if you succeed, you can enjoy the sensation of hovering at an altitude of more than 5 meters above sea level. Besides that, your photos will look cool on Instagram.


Need more challenge? Use your fly board to maneuver with extreme movements, such as jumping or somersaulting in the air. Of course, this will make a little turbulent adrenaline. But, you should try it!



3. Canyoning in Gitgit


gitgit canyoning is a challenging activity

Credit: TotalBaliActivities


If you are a true explorer of nature, you must taste the canyoning experience in Bali. One of the best location known for canyoning place in Bali is in Gitgit area. Here you can explore the contours of cliffs, tracking through mud and steep trails, crossing fast-flowing rivers with only a boat rafting and even do the flying fox between two cliffs.


Down the cliff activity has been the tensest session in canyoning tour. But, it will be also as an opportunity to prove your courage as a true adventurer. If you are ready and the conditions is safe, jumping directly off the cliff of a waterfall and landing beautifully in a clear river canyon can be one of your extreme adventure experiences while in Bali.



4. Rafting in Telaga Waja


telaga waja rafting tour

Credit: VouchersWisataBali


Nothing is more exciting than maneuvering a rubber boat in the middle of the swift currents of the Telaga Waja River while at the same time enjoying views of the exotic forests in the East Bali region. Your adrenaline is guaranteed to increase by the water condition of the Telaga Waja River field which is categorized as level 4. So, it’s quit challenging to do rafting here. Don’t hesitate to scream hysterically and get drenched in water dams with a height of 5 meters.


This popular Bali adventure activity is perfect for you who want to release stress and fatigue from the routine. You can also enjoy the natural panorama of Telaga Waja River that will amaze you as you navigate the swift river currents.



5. Jump Cliff & Slide at Aling Aling Waterfall


Jump Cliff & Slide at Aling Aling Waterfall

Credit: ArsaCom


Aling-Aling Waterfall is a rising tourist destination in North part of Bali offering exotic natural panorama complete with cliffs, crystal clear water and lush trees. However, who would have thought in such a calm natural atmosphere, you can pit your guts by jumping or even skating from the top of a 12-meter high cliff waterfall to the pool below. Adrenaline booster you must try!



6. Surf Rider at Surf and Turf Nusa Dua


Surf Rider activity at Surf and Turf Nusa Dua

Credit: TheBayBali


Want to surf but afraid to do it in the sea? Then you must try to surf in this artificial wave arena. In Nusa Dua, there is a unique and challenge sport, especially suitable for you who are looking to learn surfing! Even though you won’t surf the big waves like on the beach of Bali, you can feel a sensation that is not much different to the real surfing in Surf and Turf Nusa Dua.


You can more relax because some experienced instructors are ready to guide you on how to surf properly. Although not relying on the waves, the slides offered are also quite challenging, especially for those of you who want to capture the moment by performing attractions and maneuvering with surfboards.



7. Wake Boarding in Tanjung Benoa


wakeboarding extreme sport

Credit: DjarumSuperMdl


If skateboarding and surfing are too mainstream, how about trying the wakeboarding game offered at Tanjung Benoa? This kind of water sport combines the thrill of skateboarding and surfing in the sea. You will stand on the wakeboard while holding a rope attached to a speedboat or jet sky that will go with an average speed of 25 km/hour. The sensation can make you addicted because you have to control yourself so that you will not fall into the sea.


There is also similar service in Bali that offers a new experience in wakeboarding but using a cable system not a boat. The cable is attached to a tower that will pull you along with the wakeboard. This system allows us to play wakeboarding at any time and is not dependent on the weather or the waves.



8. Water Tubing in Payangan


Water Tubing tour in Payangan

Credit: TravelingYuk


This extreme activity is similar to rafting. The difference is that if one rafting boat can be filled by 3 to 5 people, the tires boat for water tubing only fit for one person and maximum 2 people. Imagine yourself having to go through a steep river with an average extreme current and you can not shout hysterically together with friends like the rafting tour.


Interestingly, the fields that you will encounter along the Payangan river is very beautiful, resembling a natural sled and some are almost narrow to be traversed. Heavy river currents are also often effective in making the heart beat faster. Prepare your voice to shout.



9. ATV Ride in Ubud


ATV adventure tour in ubud

Credit: BaliVentur


When watching an art performance or visiting gallery of paintings in Ubud sounds too familiar, how about driving an ATV on the steep, potholes and sometimes full of mud? With the off-road sensation, you are challenged to go on adventure using a vehicle similar to a four-wheeled motorcycle to explore the beauty of Taro Village, Ubud!


Don’t forget to bring another clothes, because you will pass through many unexpected muddy terrains. Get dirty and have fun!



10. Diving in Manta Point


extreme Diving in Manta Point

Credit: BaliOcean


One of the best diving spots in Bali is on Nusa Penida Island, precisely at Manta Point. This diving point is very interesting because many manta rays are found swimming around these waters throughout the year. Manta rays are a type of fish that is very friendly with divers. They were very happy when the water bubbles coming from the diver’s breathing tube tickled their stomach.


Besides, this spot is also rich in plankton and if you are lucky, you can also see giant sunfish that can reach up to 5 meters in these waters too! Mola mola fish are also very friendly and they like to rise to the surface of the sea to sunbathe.