Surfing in Paradise

Intermediate or Advanced Surfer? You would like to have the full just-take-care-about-the-surf-package to enjoy the time shredding the waves to the fullest without having the hassle of checking daily conditions, searching the right way to the spots, arranging transports like scooters/boat, etc?


If you are level beginner we also propose special package. Please request directly to our consultant!

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 to 7: Surfing in Lombok

The goal of this surfing week in Lombok is to make your holiday unique and fill your bag with lovely memories from your time off. No matter what, we stand on your side and try to make your wishes come true. We love surfing and we like to share our knowledge and passion for this sport with you. Not only by showing you how it is done but as well by sharing tips and tricks to make you feel confident and safe in the water, even if you go surfing by yourself.


The school is situated in the picturesque south of beautiful Lombok. Breaks in the Gerupuk Bay, Kuta Bay, Ekas Bay as well as Seger, Air Guling, Mawun, Mawi, Selong Belanak will be your main playgrounds. Nevertheless, we surf all over the island, depending on surfers level and respective daily ocean/weather conditions.


We also work together with an awesome crew of Lombok locals. They know the area, the surf breaks, the traditions and will for sure enrich your Lombok experience.


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