12 Best Indonesia Adventure Tours to Have

Indonesia always offers extraordinary places to visit. Every place in Indonesia creates a very valuable impression. There are so many places where you can get great adventures and will make you love Indonesia even more. Here are 12 best Indonesia adventure tours to have and should be on your list if you are a true adventurer.



1. Trekking to Padar Island


padar island adventure tour


Padar Island in East Nusa Tenggara Province is one of the main choices for adventurers who travel to Komodo National Park and its surroundings. This beautiful island is the third largest island in Komodo National Park. Padar Island itself is located right between Komodo Island and Rinca Island.


From Labuan Bajo it takes at least 4 hours by boat to reach the island. Padar has savanna field which is very dry and barrens. To get to the top of the Island, at least you have to trekking approximately 45 minutes to an hour.



2. Hike into Ijen Volcanic Plateau


ijin crater hiking


Ijen Crater is one of Indonesia’s leading tourist attractions located on the border of Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, East Java Province. It is always crowded by tourists who want to see the Blue Fire phenomenon which is usually appear around 2am to 4am.


Blue Fire is the result of a chemical reaction from natural gas and oxygen at a certain temperature. It is very rare because the scenery only occurs in two places in the world, Ijen Crater and Iceland.


The duration of going up and down Ijen Mountain is around four hours, so if you want to see the Blue Fire or sunrise, you have to leave early.



3. Watch Sunrise in Bromo


sunrise in mount bromo


Mount Bromo is certainly no stranger to tourists, especially those who are adventurous. It is located in the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park and has an altitude of 2392 meters above sea level.


Although it is not as large as other volcanoes, Mount Bromo stretches across the borders of four districts in East Java, namely Pasuruan, Probolinggo, Lumajang and Malang. These parts are interrelated between the valleys, canyons and caldera. Mount Bromo also has a sea of sand covering 10 km2.


Best moment for climbers while visiting Bromo is when the sun rises from the eastern horizon. By climbing up to its peak which is at an elevation of 2,770 meters, they can see the sunlight coming from behind of the mountain.



4. Rafting at Telaga Waja River Bali


rafting in telaga waja river


For those who like the exciting challenges and adventures on a rubber boat then you have to try the rafting activity and Bali has a nice and beautiful river for this adrenaline-boosting sport which is the Telaga Waja River.


This white water rafting tour on Telaga Waja River is located in the village of Muncan, Karangasem, eastern Bali which can be reached approximately 1.5 hours drive from tourist areas of Kuta, Legian, Sanur and Seminyak.


Telaga Waja has a quite long river path reaching 16 km with varying degrees of difficulty as well as beautiful natural view so rafting at this location is far more challenging and impressive for participants. It takes 2 or 2,5 hours to complete the rafting challenge.



5. See Wild Orangutans in Bukit Lawang


wild orangutan in bukit lawang


Bukit Lawang is a natural tourist spot located in the Bahorok sub-district, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra Province. It is about 80 kilometers from Medan City and can be reached in 2 or 3 hours. The atmosphere is quiet cool because it belongs to the Gunung Leuser National Park area.


Bukit Lawang is surrounded by forests, rivers as well as hilly mountains stretch along the island of Sumatra. It is also a conservation site which protecting the endanger species of Sumatran Orangutan, that have a Latin name, Pongo Abelli. It is one of the two types of orangutans that you can only meet in North Sumatra.



6. Hike Merapi Volcano for Sunrise


merapi volcano indonesia adventure tours


Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta is indeed fascinating. Climbing this mountain early in the morning, a traveler can enjoy the beautiful sunrise. It is an active volcano that has an altitude of 2,968 meters above sea level. If you are planning on climbing to the summit for the sunrise, make sure you get plenty of rest during the day. The trek is gonna be quite tough and you must at least be reasonably fit.


Your effort reaching the top of the mountain will be worth it as you sat on the crater rim watching the sunrise with the smoking crater of one of the world’s most active volcano. It is so beautiful.



7. Labuan Bajo Phinisi Cruise


labuan bajo cruise


Sailing or cruising is one alternative and ideal way to explore the Komodo Archipelago and get the best experience from The World Heritage Komodo National Park. While sailing you can also do snorkeling, sightseeing, island trekking or just being lazy on board. One of best cruise service you can try is from the Plataran Private Cruises.


Plataran Phinisi Felicia is the largest in the fleet and offer unparalleled sailing experience. With two master cabins and four twins, Felicia offers unsurpassed luxury and space to laze and tour the islands and bays of the sail destinations, including Komodo Islands and the areas surround Flores, Indonesia’s hottest destination. It is based in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara.



8. Explore Toraja & South Sulawesi


tana toraja funeral tribute


Tana Toraja is a regency located in South Sulawesi Province. Tana Toraja is inhabited by Toraja people who live in the region. The life of the Toraja Tribe which maintains the typical Austronesian lifestyle is one of the cultural-based tourist attractions that is still unique to travelers visiting South Sulawesi.


The funeral ceremony is the most important event in the life of the Toraja. The ancient traditions and rituals during the funeral ceremony are known to be the most bizarre funeral rituals in the world. That exists for many centuries and are still practiced today.


So exploring Tana Toraja (Toraja Land) is an experience of a lifetime. It’s shocking, but also beautiful at the same time. From the extreme death rituals to the amazing nature of the Tana Toraja Region.



9. Hike Through Lake Toba and Samosir Island


lake toba hiking


Toba is a lake formed by a massive volcanic eruption over 70,000 years ago. It is located in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia and become one of the main tourist destinations of North Sumatra. In the middle of the lake there is an island which according to the expert formed because of the magma upward pressure during the eruption.


There are so many tourist activities you can do while exploring Toba Lake such as do kayak around the lake, trekking to the top of Pusuk Buhit Mountain, hire a motorbike to explore Samosir Island, learn about Batak Culture, etc.



10. Explore the Borneo Rain Forest by Boat


Explore the Borneo Rainforest by Boat

Credit: DissolveCom


Borneo or Kalimantan is famous for its area which has a river with beautiful scenery along the banks of its river. One of them is Sekonyer River in Pangkalan Bun, Central Kalimantan. The river location is inside the Tanjung Puting National Park area which is located in Kumi Subdistrict, West Kotawaringin.


One method to enjoy the beauty along the Sekonyer River as well as meet the wild Orangutan is by taking the Klotok Boat tour. It is a traditional Kalimantan boat made of wood. This boat has various types and sizes. For people or tourists who want to visit Tanjung Puting National Park or just down the Sekonyer River can use the boat rented out by local tourism industry player.



11. Sumba Overland Trip


sumba overland trip


Sumba Island in East Nusa Tenggara Province is famous for its savanna, Pasola Festival cultural attractions and traditional villages that are still original. In addition, this unique nature island has a National Park area which are Menupeu Tanah Daru and Laiwangi Wanggameti (MataLawa).


In fact, the Nihiwatu region where there are the best hotel in the world in 2016 is a favourite vacation spot for foreign tourists.


If you are adventuring to Sumba Island, get ready to find its own uniqueness, ranging from wild horses that live in savanna, grazing buffalo and cattle wildly, watching Nusa Tenggara Timur’s typical horse racing attractions and seeing the process of making Ikat Weaving, one of Sumba’s cultural heritage.



12. Diving in Raja Ampat


raja ampat adventure tours

Credit: Papua Paradise


The underwater beauty of Raja Ampat Papua is indeed not a new thing anymore. Not only for the Indonesian, even the international world often talks about how exotic this group of islands is. With a large selection of beautiful islands, Raja Ampat Papua is included in the list of top destinations that must be visited while travelling to Indonesia.


One of the best ways to enjoy Raja Ampat is by diving. With around 610 islands in Raja Ampat Papua, you will be presented with many amazing diving spots. Not to mention the many unique marine biota that will accompany your diving. It will surely be a pleasant experience!