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About us

Thanks to our experience since 1999, our team creates awesome tours all over Indonesia. Alongside our local partners and clients, we imagine the best experiences to live in the largest archipelago on Earth.

At Authentic Indonesia, we take pleasure in making authentic escapes. From exceptional day trips and tour packages to tailor-made and unique programs, our team of passionate travel designers is pleased to meet your special needs.

How we plan your trip

Our team supports you throughout the different steps of planning and booking your trip and even during trip in indonesia, thanks to our individual concierge service.


We will always show you the best that our destination Indonesia has to offer throughout our best suppliers and contact.

All of our tours are private and designed just for you.


We can either customise a travel package based on your personal interests or design your tailor-made trip according to your special request.


Find more about our Booking Process here.

We always ensure that your travel money is well distributed towards local communities either to help build roads to improve school system or to put in place bins and pick-up for waste management around the island.


Why Choose Us



Our most precious wealth is our local expertise.


We are permanently in search of original sites, unusual accommodations, innovative itineraries and of course ‘authentic rencontre’ with the locals.



Every project is singular. We are used to last minute changes that is why we propose tailor made tours.


Our team and working methods will adapt to every single request in the most professional and flexible way to satisfy your special travel needs.


We fight to run our business along ethical lines, embracing the pillars of sustainability.


By partnering with a wide range of locals, we seek to maximize the positive benefits received by local communities.


We also always highlight the local cultural heritage and encourage the perpetuation of traditional customs and lifestyles.


Read more about our engagements on our Sustainable Policy page.