Ring of Fire Experience

Explore the most spectacular volcanoes

If you are familiar with the famous saying “there’s always one more mountain left to climb”, well, here in Indonesia this is not just a mere metaphor. Stretching across the archipelago, rows of mountain ranges decorate the magnificent landscapes and form some of the most fascinating natural landmarks of the world. Sitting on the “hottest spot” in the Ring of Fire, Indonesia is where you can find some of the most spectacular active volcanoes that truly offer their own thrilling sensation.


indonesia ring of fire of mount merapi

Merapi Lava Tour – Central Java


While it provides some of the most picturesque and breathtaking panoramas for mountaineers and adventurers, this also means your chance to experience the thrilling sensation of taking on the challenging hike and climb up to some of the most beautiful summits in the world. So, here they are, some of the most amazing mountains that will definitely quench your thirst for a most thrilling adventure.