Being A Responsible Traveler in Indonesia

How to be a responsible traveler in Indonesia?


The preservation of our beautiful planet is not just about environmental movements or political leaders, it is everyone’s responsibility. When you adopt the Eco-responsible traveler’s attitudes, you contribute in protecting the environment.


Here are some tips to follow that will help you minimize the impact of your trip on the environment and have a positive impact on communities and families.




Accommodation: Reduce your energy consumption.

  1. As much as possible, book Eco lodges / green hotels or spend the night at local’s houses. De Klumpu Bali Eco Tradi Stay and D’Umah Bali Eco Tradi Home are good example of eco lodge and homestay around Bali.
  2. If you stay more than one night your can ask the hotel staff not to change your towel daily.
  3. Take a cold shower if the climate of your destination country allows it.
  4. Avoid putting the air conditioning to the maximum level.


eco lodge accomodation


Travel through committed travel agencies (like ours ?) which have labels and certifications for their commitments for people and environment.


Transport: Minimize your carbons footprint.

  1. Use public transport when possible.
  2. Travel by train. Train is one of the greenest means of transport. It emits 35 times less CO2 than an airplane.
  3. You can also take the bus that emits 4 times less CO2 than the airplane. In many countries, it offers you the opportunity to circulate in the city or connect between two places. It is also the cheapest means of transport. Quite good isn’t it?
  4. Finally, with zero CO2 emission, cycling is the environmentally friendly mean of transport par excellence. It is ideal to discover a country at your own pace and allows you to associate sport and contact with the population.


Of course, using these means of transport is not always possible. However, if you need to drive, you can:

  1. Opt for carpooling.
  2. Do not abuse air conditioning.
  3. Adopt a smooth driving technique – in this way, the fuel economy is around 40%, which is particularly interesting for the planet and your wallet.


public transport to minimize carbons footprint


Get rid of all surplus packaging before you leave: In many places around Indonesia recycling is rudimentary so leave it at home.


Use eco-friendly products: Especially reef safe sun creams that doesn’t impact underwater life but also think of eco-friendly soaps and deodorants if you want to leave no trace of your passage on the environment.


Reduce your daily plastic consumption: Life is better without plastic.

  1. Buy a flask, download « Refill my bottle» app if you go to Bali and refill it instead of buying plastic bottles.
  2. Consider using solid toiletries which don’t have plastic packaging.
  3. Bring your own reusable bag when you go shopping and refuse plastic bags.
  4. Say no to single use straws and buy a charming reusable straw.
  5. Bamboo toothbrush: to try it is to adopt it.
  6. Buy in bulk when possible.
  7. Avoid products with micro beads even if it is your favorite exfoliating scrub.
  8. Try a menstrual cup to reduce your tampon consumption.
  9. Buy only paper or wooden stick cotton swabs.


Use eco-friendly products


At Authentic Indonesia, on arrival our staff prepare a welcome bag made off coconut leafs for you to avoid using daily plastic bags. We have also added a stainless bottle so that you can directly fill up your bottle daily. Small actions make a big difference.




Help local NGO and associations: Discover « Voluntarism »

  1. Bring with you useful furniture for schools, hospitals, orphanages
  2. Consider spending a few days with an NGO to help them by giving English lessons to children for example


Organization such as Volunteer in Bali can connect you with underprivileged children or you can join Trash Hero Indonesia for a clean-up and so become a Trash Hero! ?


authentic indonesia clean up project



Travel in a different way by taking part of our social trips:


Balinese Rural Farming Experience

Walk in the village of Sidemen

Social Experience in a Traditional Village

Morning Fishing with a Local

Discover Cibereum Village West Java Bogor

Social program in Bali


Consume local: Support the local economy.

  1. Hire a local guide for your visits.
  2. Consider buying when you are there instead of before you come.
  3. Buy in small local shops, local markets rather than in big malls or at the airport,  check out our link below for traditional market in Bali where you can find almost everything you want.


Respect of the population: 

  1. Respect locals and their culture by learning as much as possible the local language, respecting the dress code, etc.
  2. Bargain respectfully by keeping in mind that the goal is to pay the fairest price for everyone, not the cheapest.


More than a concept, Eco-responsible travel is an interesting way to discover new horizons while preserving the environment. It makes it possible to escape while adopting simple gestures, sometimes totally free, but whose impact on the planet is considerable if they are realized by the millions of tourists who travel the world.


To inform others, to educate your children to adopt this ecological attitude is already a major step forward in favor of this noble cause. And beyond your journey, the most important thing is to continue this conduct, even when you return home.


If you fell convinced that we must act, please share this article!


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