Explore The Rainforest by Klotok Wooden River Boat

Deep, dark and exotic, the very notion of Borneo rouses something in the subconscious. Summoning visions of mythical people and ancient forests as one picturesque of every people whom are interested with its secrets and every bits of taste in adventure. It is a romantic notion which has been managed to keep come to her secrets and most of them lie in the interior of its island as one big communal and expanding region in Indonesia.


klotok river boat


Discover the majesty and mystery of the Tanjung Puting National Park with day cruise along the river while staying in jungle lodge. A wooden klotok houseboat takes you up Sekonyer River as you relax on the boat top deck while cruising through the National Park that is notable for its biodiversity with mangrove swamps, rain forest and dense jungles filled with primates. Enjoy peaceful evenings surrounded by the sounds of the wildlife from the comfort of your standard lodge on the edge of the Sekonyer River and surrounded by forest. Klotoks are two-storeyed wooden river boats equipped with inboard or outboard motor, and are specially built to navigate through shallow waters and narrow sections of the river. They have a shallow draft and generally measure 19 meters in length by 3.5 meters width.


tanjung puting national park


The park is home to around eight species of monkeys including the very distinctive proboscis monkey, with its distinctive long nose it is sure to grab your attention. Try to spot wild orangutans swinging through the thick and lush vegetation. Remember to keep your eyes out for crocodiles too, they might be hard to spot but they’re definitely there! As well as this, the park is also a haven for over 220 species of birds.



Journey into the rainforests of Kalimantan on a traditional Klotok Boat

See a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat

Return to the wild and escape the hustle and bustle of city life

Visit Camp Leakey, the legendary Orangutan Rehabilitation Camp


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