5 Indonesia Best Places to Visit Immediately

Indonesia has become one of the recommended countries to visit. One of the reasons is because the country has a lot of unique and interesting holiday destinations. Those places are great to visit whether for solo travelers, group travelers or family.


Check the list of 5 Indonesia best places to visit below to feel the most remarkable authentic holiday experience in Indonesia.



1. Bali


the authentic bali holiday

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Bali is one of the most popular holiday destinations for local and foreign travelers. There are so many outstanding places you can explore here inculding the arts, culture, tradition, beaches and tourist attractions. One of popular destinations is Nusa Penida Island. This is a fantastic island where you can enjoy the beauty of Kelingking Beach. Kelingking beach is well-known because of its great cliff, sand and crystal clear water.


How to Go to Nusa Penida


The most popular transportation means to go to Nusa Penida are traditional boat or ferry. You still have to ride a ferry for an hour from Sanur Beach. The ferry will deliver you exactly to the Nusa Penida Island so you can start to explore the island immediately after reaching the location.


Things To Do in Nusa Penida


There are so many things you can do in Nusa Penida, especially outdoor and watersports activities. For those who just want to relax, you can take a walk while feeling the warm and romantic atmosphere of Kelinging Beach, Atuh Beach, Angel’s Billabong and Broken Beach. You can also find a treehouse in this island and sleep for a few hours to recharge your energy. If you want to play something, snorkeling will be one of the best activities you can do in Nusa Penida.



2. Yogyakarta


ramayana dance performance in prambanan temple

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Yogyakarta is also a popular city in Indonesia. Travelers love to go to this place because of its unique and diverse culture, places, food and many more. Yogyakarta is a place where you can find a variety of temples. The two most famous temples are Borobudur and Prambanan and becoming one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. There are some interesting holiday destinations you can explore to get a great holiday experience whether as a solo traveler or group travelers.


How to Go to Yogyakarta


The easiest way to go to Yogyakarta is from Jakarta and Bali. It takes about an hour by plane from Jakarta and 1.5 hours from Bali. You can start your journey from Adisucipto International Airport. For foreign travelers, you can go to Yogyakarta from Singapore. It takes 2.5 hours by plane and you can use almost all flights because Yogyakarta is a popular route.


Things To Do in Yogyakarta


If you are fascinated with history, you can just go to Borobudur and Prambanan Temples. This place is not only serving its great history but also its wonderful scenery. Most people go to Borobudur Temple to capture the beauty of the sunrise whereas Prambanan Temple for the most beautiful sunset. Besides exploring those two temples, you can also learn something by visiting the Fort Vredebrug Museum.


Do you want to buy something for gifts? Yogyakarta has a famous shopping area known as Malioboro. The area is full of sellers who sell a variety of products including batik, handicrafts, foods and many others. Just complete your day by enjoying Gudeg. It is one of Jogja typical local foods.



3. Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park


Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park

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Indonesia is also well-known because of its active volcanoes. This is your great opportunity because you can visit one of the greatest volcano mountains in Indonesia known as Mount Bromo. The scenery is extremely outstanding. Bromo is a little bit different than other volcano mountains where it is used for a holiday destination.


How to Go to Bromo


You can start the route from Surabaya, Banyuwangi, Yogyakarta and Jakarta to Probolinggo. Ride a bus from Probolinggo to Cemoro Lawang Village. The village is close to the main location where you can go there by foot, horse or jeep.


Things To Do in Bromo


Just prepare your energy because you can hike to Mount Bromo crater. So, what to do in Bromo? During the exploration, you can enjoy the sea of sand. Sea of sand becomes one of the most interesting attractions that you might not see it in other volcano mountains. There is also a Hindu Temple in the middle of the desert and savannah.


When you get to the mountain, you still have to spend about 30 minutes to 1 hour passing through the stairs to achieve the peak of the volcano mountain. You can choose three different ways to get to the mountain. You may go there by foot and enjoy the area in detail. You may also try to reach the mountain by using a horse or jeep for a more fun experience. Don’t forget to visit the hidden waterfall known as Madakaripura Waterfall which is so beautiful.



4. Komodo Island


best place to visit in komodo island

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The name of Komodo is taken from the giant lizard living there known as Komodo. This wild animal becomes one of the main attractions when you are visiting this island. The location is close to Bali so you can consider going to Komodo Island after spending time in Bali.


How to Go to Komodo Island


Because of the location, the easiest way to go to Komodo Island is from Bali. It takes about 1 to 1.5 hours by plane to Labuan Bajo as the gateway of the island.


Things To Do in Komodo Island


Indeed, you have to bring your camera and capture the giant Komodo Dragons there. You may also hike to another beautiful island known as Padar, Kelor, Kanawa, and many other islands. The island consists of 28 islands and you may explore all of them if you have enough time. There is also a unique beach known as Pink Beach. You can just sunbathe, swim, snorkeling, riding a boat and diving there.



5. Flores Island


one of the most beautiful island in indonesia is flores

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Flores Island is another incredible island you must visit when you are visiting Indonesia. It might not be a familiar place to visit, especially for travelers who visit Indonesia for the first time. Flores is a good option if you are in Labuan Bajo or Bali. After exploring Bali, Labuan Bajo, or Komodo Island, you can set your plan to go to Flores Island.


How to Go to Flores Island


You can go to Flores Island by plane from Komodo Airport. It takes 1.5 hours from the airport to Flores Island. The town center in only 20 minutes from the airport. If you want to go directly to Flores Island, just do it from Jakarta by plane. You have to wait around 2.5 hours before getting the island.


Things To Do in Flores Island


The scenery is outstanding and it seems that you are visiting a hidden paradise such as in Maumere, Ende, and Ruteng. The sunrise and sunset are also extremely fascinating to watch whether from the Paradise Bar or Kelimutu Volcano Mountain. Flores island has a strong tradition and one of the traditions you can see until today is a traditional dance known as Caci Fight dance.


Based on the list of the best places to visit in Indonesia above, you can conclude that the country is amazing. The fact about Indonesia is that this country has a variety of cultures, food, attractions and so many touristy places there. Each of the area has its uniqueness and something interesting that make you more curious to go to Indonesia immediately.