Street Food experience in Jogja city

The Yogyakarta meal always has its own charm. The taste, texture and manufacturing technique attracts the attention of many people. You are going to discovery the street food of Jogja with a local. Along some famous street food you will find many local specialties, such as bakso, Wedang Ronde, Kopi Joss, etc.

Trip Itinerary

Experience Jogja street food with a local ! ( Evening program)

After 500m of walking, we invite you to taste the Wedang Ronde. The seller is called Mr. Sukiman Mardiwiyono, people call him “Pak Doyok”, his famous name. He has been selling Wedang Ronde since 1985.

You can taste a bowl of Wedang Ronde while chatting with Pak Doyok, of course with the help of your guide. It would be very interesting to hear the story of Pak Doyok on the history of Wedang Ronde, how to do it and also on the experience of Pak Doyok as the oldest seller of Wedang Ronde.
After you finish a bowl of Round Wedang, you will continue to walk. Your guide will give you a full explanation and information on the meal you will find on the famous Street of Jogja.

Then you will find the seller of Kopi Joss along Wongsodirjan Street. It’s amazing, you can imagine, everyone is selling the same thing along the way, competing against it is hard, right? But the Javanese have faith that fortune has been arranged by God, they try just as much as possible, and the results they can be appropriate. Even if they sell the same thing, they will get their buyers.
You will have the opportunity to stop at Kopi Jos Lik No, a second generation coffee seller in his family. You will enjoy a glass of charcoal coffee.

Then, you will cross towards Malioboro street. The night is lively in the street. You will also go to the traditional angklung music show with the dancers. Take a short walk away from the hustle and bustle of Malioboro Street. Meet a street vendor from South Sumatra who has been selling delicious Lumpia since 1984. Served with a special sauce, it is eaten as an aperitif.


The next stop is at the popular Gudeg meal in the street of Wijilan, named after the street where they are, it is quickly reached in Becak or Andong.

Your driver will pick you up after Gudeg dinner through the southern square of the Sultan’s Palace to the Alun-alum Kidul with his sacred twin Banyan. The locals gather here to ride on carts decorated with colored lamps. Try to walk in a straight line between the two Banyan trees with blindfolds: the local legend says that a wish will be granted!

If you are careful, you have passed the Yogyakarta monument, Mangkubumi street, Alun – altar Utara and the southern square which are in a straight line with Mount Merapi, Keraton and Parangkusumo beach. Your guide will explain the philosophy to you.

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