Eco-Friendly Activities in Bali You Must Try

Bali, a dazzling island where there are so many places to be ! The Bali’s beautiful nature and culture will make you curious to explore the whole island. No wonder there are millions of tourists, whether it is domestic or international, all wish to visit this small island every year.


Sadly, this number of tourists also increases the pollution, especially plastic waste. So, tourists must be self-aware and have to travel in a sustainable way in order to preserve the environment and contribute to a more responsible tourism in Bali.


Bali is still becoming a must visit island at least once in your lifetime ! If you care to nature and environment ,there are so many stunning eco-friendly activities in Bali. Below are some of them.



1. Beach activities


eco friendly activities at the beach

Credit: TheCrazyTourist

What are the most popular place in Bali? Of course, the beaches, where you can find sand, sea and the sun. Sunbathing, swimming, surfing are just few examples you can do on the beach.


Kuta and Seminyak are the most popular beach in Bali. With its beachfront bars, restaurants and boutique, they will be a perfect place to sunbath and enjoy the sunset. You can also surf and take a surfing lesson in Kuta. Besides Kuta Beach, you can also beat the waves at Canggu, Padang Padang, Nusa Dua, Uluwatu, etc.


If you prefer beaches with fewer crowds, try Sanur, Amed  and Lovina.



2. Snorkeling & Diving


bali snorkeling activity

Credit: GetYourGuide

Doesn’t stop at the beach, at off-shore you can admire Bali’s magnificent underwater garden. A shallow coral reef with its rich marine life, Blue Lagoon located in East Bali  is recommended for you even you are beginner. Also, the spot is perfect for night diving, where rare marine species come out, like leopard shark.


Wanna see shipwreck on the bottom of the ocean? Tulamben and Lipah Bay is the right spot, where there is a sunken ship from the World War II.

What about exploring the sea turtles in ‘The Coral Garden’ of Menjangan or even stopping by Nusa Penida to visit the magnificent  Rai Manta.



3. Hiking


hiking in mount batur for ecotourism activity

Credit: MountBaturHiking

Bali is not only about sea and beaches. The island  also has some gorgeous hiking spots. Hiking Mount Batur is by far Bali’s most well-known eco-friendly activities. It is popular with its sunrise view, so you have to depart early to get the view. There are two hiking trails, the hard one which need 2-3 hours to reach the top and the easier one where you can drive first, then hike to the summit for only 45 minutes.


If you want the bigger mountain, try Mount Agung, Bali’s highest mountain. At 3031 meters tall, it takes approximately 12 hours to hike. It is challenging, but it worth the view and experiences. Besides those mountains, West Bali National Park is also recommended to explore by hiking. It is a well-preserved forest and the home of some rare bird species , the Bali Starling.

Don’t forget to check out our Tips for Hiking Mont Batur.



4. Cycling through Bali’s rural landscape


Cycling through Bali rural landscape

Credit: BaliCycling

Rent a bike and explore the Bali’s landscape. Whether you join on a tour or explore Bali by yourself, it is still enjoyable and will give you different and amazing experience ! Ubud is the most recommended place to cycle around. Experience the scenic beauty of Bali, the traditional village, temple and the sight of Mount Batur, Bali’s majestic volcano.


Besides Ubud, you can also visit Tabanan and explore its terraced rice paddies. It is not always about nature, watching and observing the local activities and Balinese culture are also unique experience you get while cycling around.



5. Lifestyle retreats & yoga


bali lifestyle retreats & yoga

Credit: TravlTalk

Amazing nature combined with ancient traditions makes Bali one of the most recommended touristic Island. The  wonderful nature and peaceful activities can restore your physical and mental health.


Yoga, meditation, detox, spa, therapies, even taking Indonesian martial art, “silat”, course can make you become the new you. There are lots of Eco-retreats in Bali that offer those experiences, so you can pick which one fits best for your own needs !




6. Cultural exploration


kecak balinese cultural activity

Credit: TripSavvy

Let’s not forget about the amazing culture of Bali and the Balinese. Enjoy your visit to some beautiful temples, watch traditional Balinese dance, taste traditional local food and shop for local goods and accessories. Bali is predominantly a Hindu Island with so many absolutely beautiful temples.


One you cannot miss is Pura Tanah Lot, a sea temple located on the edge of a rock with an amazing ocean view. The view is stunning whether on sunrise or sunset. Also, there is Ulun Danu Beratan, a temple located in the middle of a lake, and Besakih Temple that rise towards the sky. On Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple, you can watch Balinese Dance, Kecak performed by over one hundred men circling a coconut oil lamp.


Be a responsible and sustainable traveler


responsible and sustainable travelers

Credit: FoodRevolution


Imagine that millions of tourists come and go every year in Bali with the amount of personal waste accumulating.

So a way to reduce the waste starts with its visitors. Be responsible on your travel can have a major positive impact on the destination. For example choose some  eco-friendly activities that will help to preserve the beauty of Bali.

Read this article to become a responsible traveler in Indonesia,and follow the guidelines below to start now !

It is time to start from ourselves first !

Safe travel and see you soon in Bali !



1. Avoid using plastic

The major waste from tourists in Bali is plastic bottle, plastic bag as well as plastic straw. Plastic cannot be decomposed in short time and only small of them that can be recycled, so avoid to use them. Bring your own reusable drinking bottle, refill it whenever you’re thirsty. Tell the cashier or seller that you don’t need a plastic bags after buying something and bring your own tote bag. Use metal straws or don’t use straws at all.



2. Use eco-friendly accommodation and transportation

There are lots of Eco hotel available in Bali nowadays. The concept is back to nature where the properties and atmosphere is made as natural as possible. Besides being a unique experience, the waste produced by it also less than an usual hotel. Many tourists rent a scooter or bike to travel around. It is simple and cheaper and also  more eco friendly if you rent a bicycle rather than scooter. If your destination is far, there are lot options of shuttle bus and public transportation.



3. Never throw your garbage carelessly

Since late 2017, Bali is declared on the  “garbage emergency” as the plastic waste is brought in by waves to Bali coastline. Not only plastic, cigarettes butt is also a dangerous pollutant especially for water. Only one cigarette can pollute a liter of water.