Tips Hiking Mount Batur

Although Bali is famous for its beautiful beaches, who would have thought that Bali also has a natural charm of typical beauty of mountains. One of them is the Mount Batur which is classified as an active volcano.


Mount Batur is located in the Kintamani area. This volcano is still active and last erupted in 2004. It was the most devastating eruption occurred in 1926 which had buried Batur Village and Ulun Danu Temple with its lava.


Batur Village and Ulun Danu Temple Batur then were rebuilt in the southern part of Kintamani. Ulun Danu Temple is now known as the most beautiful temple in Bali. This temple is dedicated to the “Danu Goddess”, the Goddess that is believed by Hindus as the ruler of waters.


Mount Batur becomes the second most popular hiking destination in Bali after Mount Agung. Its height is only 1,717 meters above sea level. For novice climbers, Mount Batur is an ideal trekking destination, especially the view from the top of the mountain that offers a more complete and beautiful view of the caldera and Lake Batur when the sun rises.


beautiful mount batur view

Credit: @_adigede


Just below the Mount Batur there is one of the widest lakes in Bali, called Lake Batur. When reaching half way of the hiking tour you can see the beauty of Lake Batur from a height.


The hiking starting point or basecamp of Mount Batur is in Toya Bungkah Village. When you arrive at Toya Bungkah Village you will be approached by many local guides who offer themselves as guides to the summit, but if you don’t want to use their services that’s fine too.


But, it is strongly recommended to use the guide service. The Mount Batur Climbing Guides Association (HP2GB) strongly recommends that every tourist who climbs Mount Batur use guide services. Other than not getting lost while climbing, you also help the economy of local residents, so there is a win win solution, right?


There is one unique thing you can do at the top of Mount Batur, which is boiling eggs naturally. First you must find land that still emits smoke, then bury the eggs and wait until it done.



Route to Mount Batur Starting Point or Basecamp


Route to Mount Batur Starting Point or Basecamp

Credit: @_adigede


From Kuta you can go directly to Kintamani, Bangli. Precisely go to the village of Penelokan (Kintamani). Arrive there, then look for a way down to Lake Batur. Continue to follow the descent road until there is a T-junction, from there turn left.


And after passing a quite long road surrounded by dry lava rock due to Mount Batur eruption, then you will arrive at Toya Bungkah Village.



Mount Batur Hiking Trail


Mount Batur Hiking Trail

Credit: @_adigede


There are two ways you can choose as the starting point before starting to climb, which are the village of Toya Bungkah and Pura Jati.


Estimated climbing time is about 2 to 3 hours depending on your speed when climbing. Most of the tourists usually prefer the Toya Bungkah route.



Here are some tips hiking Mount Batur


1. The most important thing is, please bring down your trash, don’t litter. Also don’t strike whatever you pass and don’t destroy the nature.


2. Like other mountains in Indonesia, it is recommended to exercise a week before climbing. Although Mount Batur is not too high, but the route is quite challenging for novice climbers. To prevent cramps so it is highly recommended to exercise first.


3. Bring raw eggs from the bottom, then boil it when it reaches the top, although there are also some locals sell boiled-eggs at the top, but the price can be much more expensive.


4. Take into account the time of climbing. If you do not bring a tent, please start to climb few hours before sunrise. If you are waiting too long for the sunrise you will be shivering.


5. Bring enough goods because the mountain is not too high and of course use mountain shoes or sandals to avoid slipping easily.


6. Use the guide service if you have never climbed Mount Batur before for safety reason. You can negotiate the price until you get a suitable price.