The 5 Best Zoos in Bali

Visiting the zoo is an attractive option to enjoy a Bali holiday with children. They surely will have some fun with the animals and at the same time the children will know more about variety of wildlife from various species all around the world.


Not only a place to observe and learn the exotic fauna but at the zoo your family can also engage with the animals through safely supervised activities. Zoos in Bali are some of the perfect wildlife conservatory for the collection of Indonesian and another countries exotic animals.


For your reference here are the 5 best zoos in Bali you can visit while enjoying vacation in Bali.



1. Bali Safari & Marine Park


bali safari marine park the best zoo in bali


Located in Gianyar Regency, This zoo provides a place for wild animals to resemble their natural habitat. This place was built with an architecture that blends the Balinese culture and very suitable visited by people of all ages. Bali Safari & Marine Park is part of Taman Safari Indonesia, which has more than 20 years experience in managing zoos.


There are various types of endangered species from 3 countries, which are Indonesia, India and Africa, at this zoo. All of them come from 60 species and 400 endangered animals from Indonesia such as White Starling, Owls, Tapirs, Crocodiles, Deer Pigs and Sumatran Tigers.


If you have a plan to vacation in Bali, don’t miss to visit this zoo because Bali Safari Marine Park provides the best safari experience for you and your family.



2. Bali Zoo


bali zoo is the top zoo in bali


The zoo which is located in Gianyar Regency has an area about 12 hectares that can accommodate a variety of animals from various regions in Indonesia. This zoo is inhabited by approximately 100 endangered species from the mammals, reptiles to the birds. For the mammals, they are primates, deer, camels, kangaroos and Sumatran tigers.


A number of wild animals also exist in this zoo such as tigers, crocodiles and snakes, but you don’t need to worry because they are placed in a special area that is given a fence so it does not endanger the visitors.


Famous tropical birds such as cassowaries, peacocks, cockatoos as well as the endangered species of protected birds, Bali Starlings, are also available at Bali Zoo. For types of reptile animals, they are Komodo dragon (the largest lizard that found in Indonesia only from Komodo Island), iguanas, green snakes and python.



3. Bali Bid Park


bali bird park zoo



The next best Zoos in Bali is the Bali Bird Park. From its name, you can guess that this zoo offers a diversity of bird species to the visitors. Located at Singapadu Village, Gianyar, the Bali Bird Park, which has an area of about 2 hectares, can accommodate around 1000 species of birds from 250 different species all around Indonesia, Africa and even South America.


Visitors can also walk around the park to observe various types of tropical plants which is in total they are 2000 species scattered in the zoo area. One type of rare bird that becomes the icon of Bali Island, the Bali Starling, is also available in this place. Visitors can also observe the process of birds breeding from the eggs to the feeding process. Very educational especially for children.



4. Turtle Island


turtle island in tanjung benoa bali


Turtle Island is considered as a zoo in accordance to its function as turtle breeding place, which is now increasingly scarce in Bali. The island is located in the southern part of Bali alongside the largest watersports spot in Bali, which is the Tanjung Benoa.


To be able to reach this small island, you must use a boat or glass bottom boat operated by water sport providers in Tanjung Benoa area. You will sail the Tanjung Benoa waters to Turtle Island while enjoying the clear and beautiful marine life aboard of a boat that has a translucent glass at the bottom.


Arriving in Turtle Island visitors can see a number of unique and rare animals such as turtles, birds, snakes, monkeys, iguanas and bats. You then will be given an explanation from a local guide about the breeding process of sea turtles and the real life of them. Surely it will be exciting and interesting especially for the children.



5. Bali Butterfly Park


bali butterfly park tabanan


The next top Zoo in Bali is the Bali Butterfly Park, located at Wanasari Village, about 5 kilometers to the north from Tabanan City, same direction to the Mount Batukaru. This park is purposely made to preserve the tiny animals with beautiful wings.


Nowadays, in big cities it is quiet difficult to see butterflies because of the rapid development that causing their habitat gone. To preserve the existence of butterflies, they are placed in a large area protected by nets around the breeding grounds to be given the opportunity to live and to breed.


Visitors will enjoy the butterflies flying between the beautiful and charming flower gardens. Here, visitors not only can find butterflies but also insects, scorpions, tarantulas and various other beetles.