What to Do with Kids for A Bali Family Holidays

Bali is a dream destination for families. Other than having diverse destinations, Bali has also complete facilities, ranging from transportation, lodging, shopping and many others. Bali is very adapted for all family members.


The island of Bali has many interesting tourist attractions, you can either lay on the beach or participate to more cultural and natural attractions. As you might imagine, with Bali’s rapid tourism development, tourism sites for children are also increasing. We have selected our favorite activities for children:



Teach children to love animals by joining the Eco Tour


visit a conservation place for marine animals


Eco Tour is an activity to visit a conservation place for marine animals which later will be released into the vast sea. Here, children will learn to respect animals and to love them. You and the kids can see directly the conservation process of marine animals life ranging from small to bigger ones.


This tour shall be a memorable experience! The guide will invite you and your family to meet directly the hatchlings which are ready to be released into the sea, then invited to meet the sharks, feed them and swim with them. Kids love this kind of activities because they can be close to animals.



Bring the kids to learn how to cook Balinese Cuisine


family holidays cooking class


Continue your journey with the kids to learn about Balinese culinary cooking. In this Balinese cooking class session, children will learn to make food for themselves. They can also learn to be patient and appreciate the food more because the process of making each meal is not as easy as they think. You and your family will also get a certificate of cooking class after participating. Children must be very happy to have this award.



Take a break and enjoy the views at Bali’s Green Village


family vacation in bali green village

Credit: TripCanvas


While enjoying your Bali family holidays, you can take all family members to come to Bali Green Village to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Here you can relax on a building made entirely of bamboo. This is one of the most unique place in Bali.


Your family can walk around the location to see the scenery, down the river and drink coffee. You can even stay for overnight here because the management has some room for rent. A tired body after playing and studying with family will be refreshed while staying here.



Invite children to learn carving in the Pondok Pekak Library


fruit carving at pondok pekak library

Credit: TripZilla


If you want to teach children to be more sensitive for arts, bring your family to visit the Pondok Pekak Library. Here, you and the kids will be taught some arts-related skills such as to carve fruits into various forms, paint, play gamelan and learn to dance as well. A very funny activity for all the family.



Refreshing in the biggest Waterbom in Asia


sliding ride at waterbom bali


Kids will love this. Playing water in one of the most popular waterpark in the world. You can take your family to Kuta and visit Waterbom Bali to feel the fun of playing  in the water as much as you like. You can bring the kids to experience 22 water rides, from sliding races, surfing on artificial wave, riding the “scary” Climax where you enter a small room to be dropped to a depth of 16 meters, and many other rides as well. Visiting Waterbom Bali is one of the best things to do with kids while enjoying family vacation in Bali.



Zoo Night Safari


night safari with family


Bali has a Night Safari package at the Bali Safari & Marine Park. Here, you will be taken for a tour going around some areas inside the zoo using a special car to see wild animals. If you are lucky, you will see around 60 species of animals in the cage.


After going around, you will be entertained by traditional Balinese fire dances as well as to enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner. Such a special experience to discover species as close !



Maintain your children agility by participating in Bali Treetop Adventure


tree top challange for kids in bali


Try to get the kids to swing to the Treetop Adventure in the morning. There are lots of exciting rides at Bali Treetop that can be a perfect place for practicing the body balance for adult and kids as well. The views are incredible ! Participants will pass seven circuits with different levels of difficulty that can be chosen. Challenge your children to conquer various obstacles to increase their body balance and physical abilities.


Don’t worry about the security issue because the child will be equipped with a seat belt. You can calmly see the child playing even though they have to be challenged to go up to a two meter tall tree.



Visit art galleries to see unique art exhibitions at DMZ Bali


selfie at dream museum zone bali


Children love everything that is unique. The Dream Museum Zone in Legian, Kuta is quite unusual.  There are many three-dimensional art works on display. You and your family can take pictures with 3D paintings as the background.



Chat with exotic and colorful birds at Bali Bird Park


seeing bird at bali bird park

Credit: Klook


Established more than 20 years ago, Bali Bird Park is the largest bird conservation park in Indonesia that houses thousands of birds from 250 species which are divided into 7 habitat zones. Begin with birds from South America, Africa, protected birds from Indonesia found in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Java, Papua and Bali.


Visitors can also watch various bird attractions, feed the birds, and play with those exotic birds. Other interesting facilities in Bali Bird Park are 4 Dimension cinemas that feature films about birds, open-air restaurant “The Bali Starling” where you can dine along with bird songs as well as some souvenir shops.



Play with the monkeys at Ubud Monkey Forest


bali family holidays in ubud monkey forest


You can see more than 600 long-tailed monkeys in Ubud Monkey Forest. Children can feed them by buying food sold around the area. Be careful if you bring some food. These monkeys like to crawl your property such as camera, hat, sun glasses, etc. Sometimes they can be very aggressive. But, the most fun part is watching the monkeys enthusiastically jumping up and down near visitors to ask for food. It’s so funny!


It should be noted that monkeys are wild animals. Even though they are always checked by a veterinarian to be aware of the symptoms of rabies, do not let them bite you. Keep enough distance with them and also warn the children about the dangers of this animal. But no worries it’s safe for the kids and the forest is incredible. You can enjoy a walk in the jungle while seeing monkeys evrywhere.


In Bali, monkeys are considered as sacred animals, so these monkeys are loved and protected by the local residents.



Visiting turtle conservation & education center in Turtle Island


learn turtle conservation in turtle island


Turtle Island is located in the southern part of the island of Bali which is a small island for sea turtle captivity, located near Tanjung Benoa, Nusa Dua, Bali. Some spots near Turtle Island also provide water sports activities such as Jetskiing, Parasailing, Banana Boat, Flying fish and other marine activities. You can easily spend a whole day there, Turtle Island and watersports location are close.


You can teach to your kids how it’s important to protect animals. During the trip to Turtle Island, visitors can see the beauty of marine life, beautiful fish and coral reefs from top of a glass bottom boat.


Arriving on the island, your family will be given some information about the conservation area and turtle life. Besides turtles, there are several other animals that are living on the island, such as birds, snakes, monkeys, iguanas and bats.