12 Most Beautiful Islands in Indonesia

What makes Indonesia such a unique country? It is a lot of things, from its culture, religion, tradition, food, hospitality and of course, it’s beautiful landscape. Being the biggest archipelago country in the world, Indonesia possesses thousands of islands from the big one where thousands of people live together to the teeny and inhabitable one.


Those islands stretch from west to east across the equator, and with so much diversity in it, it is little wonder that you will find lots of beautiful spots tucked away in those islands. Here are 12 most beautiful islands in Indonesia you can visit while vacationing in Indonesia.



1. Komodo Island


beautiful island of komodo

Credit: Wikipedia

Not many people will consider Komodo, the biggest lizard in the world, as beautiful. Nonetheless, this ferocious creature is fascinating in its own way. Komodo Island is their native home and this is the only place where you can see them roam freely. On this island, there are other things to see besides the giant creature and that is its beautiful landscape. The rugged terrain with volcanic slopes that open up to beautiful bay ringed in pink sands is truly something else and for that reason, Komodo Island is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia.



2. Gili Island


pretty island of gili islands

Credit: LifestyleAsia

Off the coast of Lombok, you will find another stunning island in Indonesia called the Gili Islands. Gili Islands is an archipelago of three small coral isles, each with its own particular charm. Despite the differences, they all share the same beauty of the white sandy beach, crystal clear water and coral reef that creates some of the best diving spots not just around the area, but in the world as well. Those three islands are the Gili Trawangan, nicknamed as the Party Island; Gili Air and Gili Meno, the smallest and quietest of those three.



3. Sumba Island


the charming sumba island

Credit: Says

This low profile island has getting more spotlights for the last couple of years. Sumba Island offers pure and offbeat destination. The rugged beauty of this island is truly something else. Adventurer will have quite an experience trekking down Laiwengi Wanggameti National Park and getting wet on the translucent Weekuri lagoon.



4. Bangka Belitung Islands


the exotic bangka belitung island

Credit: KsmTour

Bangka Belitung Islands is located close to Sumatra Island. Bangka-Belitung is an archipelago of around 470 islands, with Bangka and Belitung Island being the biggest one. Currently, there are only 50 islands that are inhabited and leaves us hundreds of beautiful island to explore. There are many things to do in Bangka Belitung Island and the best part of all those things is the beach. A lovely white sandy beach with its clear blue water is a must-see. Or for those who love being a historian for a while, there are some historical buildings out there are such as the famous lighthouse, a leftover from the time of Dutch colonialism in the 19th century.



5. Seram Island


amazing seram island of indonesia

Credit: PrimeIndonesia

Located in Maluku province, this island is still underdeveloped and not yet to see the heavy footfall of tourism. But that what makes it perfect. Playing on the beach, snorkeling and diving are some exciting activities to do on this island accompanied with its crystal clear ocean. But that is not all. This island, with its tropical rain forest and the beautiful Manusela National part, is the perfect place to do some trekking and camping for those who ever got tired of snorkeling.



6. Nusa Islands


beautiful island of nusa penida

Credit: Hotels

Just off the coast of the ever-popular Bali Island, lay a string of island called Nusa Island. It consists of three lovely islands, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, and Nusa Ceningan. The most favorite activities to do on this island is diving, snorkeling, and all kind of water sport activities, which is not a surprise at all with its gorgeous underwater scene below the translucent surface.



7. Bunaken Island


bunaken island offer stunning underwater scenery

Credit: AudleyTravel

Being an archipelago and maritime country at the same time makes Indonesia packed with lots of beautiful underwater spots. Bunaken Island is one of them. Bunaken Island that is located in the north of Celebes Island is the home to the Bunaken National Marine Park. There are about 390 species of coral and more than 2000 species of fish that live in the waters of this national part, makes it one of the richest coral ecosystem around the world. It makes Bunaken Island sit on top of scuba divers and snorkelers wish list of places to go to.



8. Bali Island


bali is the most popular island in indonesia

Credit: Wikipedia


Bali Island is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia. Bali has many beautiful beaches with all tourist activities and sparkling nightlife as well as the incomparable natural charm. Bali also has extraordinary and complete natural beauty, such as volcanoes, green rice fields, amazing underwater natural beauty and unique cultural arts as well.



9. Wayag Island


amazing wayag island the raja ampat icon

Credit: LifestyleKompas

Raja Ampat Islands is famous for its incredible and beautiful view. There are many islands to visit in this area and Wayag Island is one of them. Looking it out from aerial view gives out the impression of green gems scattered on the ocean. Clear water contrasting with colorful coral that was found abundant in there makes this island a perfect place to go snorkeling and diving.



10. Derawan Islands


derawan is one beautiful island in indonesia

Credit: JelajahSamboja

Looking for an all-in island activity? Derawan Island in Borneo Indonesia is the right place to go to. Consist of 6 small islands; the visitor can do a lot of things from simply enjoying the view, riding a boat in its clear lake water, snorkeling, diving, or swimming with hundreds of stingless jellyfish.



11. Mentawai Island


mentawai islands in indonesia

Credit: WisataKita

Mentawai Island in West Sumatra, Indonesia is famous for its waves. Surfers from all around the world with different skill levels come to ride the waves in this island. After that, they are free to go trekking on its beautiful rain forest and of course exploring the unique culture of Mentawai Tribe.



12. Kei Island


the bautiful kei islands in indonesia

Credit: MediaIndonesia

Kei Island that is located in the east of Maluku is one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia for a reason. Its beautiful and pristine beach along with crystal clear water and squadron of pelicans is only part of the reason. The stunning blue cave and a couple of diving spots that scattered around the island are more than enough reasons to visit this island.


This is not a complete list of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia. There are so much more to explore in this exotic country, and with thousands of islands out there, the list will growing even longer.