12 Best Indonesia Natural Hot Springs

Traveling has many purposes. One of them is for relaxation. To get your own relaxation can be obtained in many ways, including by visiting natural hot springs. Soaking in a hot spring pool can be one solution to make the body fresh again after tired undergoing holiday activities. If you want to travel to the hot springs, here are our recommendations for 12 best Indonesia natural hot springs.



1. Toya Devasya Hot Spring


toya devasya hot spring with mount batur view

Credit: Travelingyuk


Bali has several hot springs in some places and one of them is the Toya Devasya Natural Hot Spring in Toya Bungkah. The location is at the edge of Lake Batur, Kintamani, so that for those who enjoy natural hot water therapy are also offered beautiful natural scenery. Hot water that comes out of the bowels of the earth is around 38-39° C. The thermal energy which is estimated come from the Mount Batur is believed to be able to cure a number of skin diseases.



2. Hotspring (Aek Rangat) Pangururan


Pangururan hot spring in samosir island

Credit: SamosirPanorama


Aek Rangat Pangururan Samosir is one of favorite destinations in Samosir Island. Samosir is an island located in the middle of Lake Toba. “Aek Rangat” has the meaning of hot spring and this natural bathing place is located right on the slopes of Mount Pusuk Buhit which is known to be still active. The hot water comes from the springs that come out from white rocks or limestone. The hot water is channeled into some ponds managed by local residents and supported by the Samosir Government. There are several bathing pools that are available for visitors and the heat level has been adjusted according to guests request.



3. Angseri Hot Springs


angseri hot spring in tabanan bali

Credit: BaliMediaInfo

In Bali there is also a hot spring called the Angseri Hot Spring. The location is in Tabanan Regency, Baturiti District area. In this hot spring there are two ponds, each separate for adults and for children. There are also private pool booths that can be rented for private bath. The natural atmosphere and also green view around the pool will make tourists comfortable.



4. The Ancient Hot Spring of Candi Umbul


candi umbul hotspring in magelang central java

Credit: Angkisland

Umbul Temple Hot Spring which is located in Magelang, Central Java Province, actually is a historic bathing place. This is because the place was once believed to be the bathing place of the King and Empress Mataram Kingdom. From the bathing pool, you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Menoreh Mountains and the beautiful Umbul Temple architecture. Umbul Temple is also an ancient site which was built in the area of warm water sources.



5. Ciwidey Valley Hot Spring


Ciwidey valley hot spring in west java

Credit: TravelsPromo

Ciwidey Valley Hot Spring is part of the Ciwidey Valley Hot Spring Waterpark Resort which is situated in Bandung, West Java Province. So not only the hot spring pools that you can enjoy but you can also enjoy various other facilities such as waterpark and resort to stay overnight. In fact, there is also playground and bird park that are interesting to visit, especially by children. Meanwhile, the area around the hot spring is overgrown by beautiful trees, creating an impression of cool and beautiful scenery.



6. Malanage Hot Spring


malanage natural hot spring in flores

Credit: DaisyJuliaaa

Malanage Hot Spring is located in the Jerebuu Valley Region, precisely in the Jerebuu District, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. The uniqueness of Malanage Hot Spring lies in two river sources that flow, one of which is a hot stream with sulfur smells and the other is cold water. The two streams are gathered together and accommodated in a small pond so that it produces warm water.



7. Air Panas Banyuwedang di Bali


banyuwedang natural hot spring

Credit: Mimpi

The first hot spring in Bali existed in Pejarakan Village, Buleleng Regency, which is close to West Bali National Park. In here there is a hot water bathing place which its position is under the sea water. Therefore, a large circular concrete wall was built to block the arrival of sea water at high tide. The hot spring here has a temperature of around 40 degrees Celsius with very high sulfur material so it is believed to be able to cure skin diseases.



8. Ciater Hot Spring


ciater natural hot spring in subang bandung

Credit: IdeTrips

Speaking of natural hot springs in Indonesia, Ciater is a very popular hot water bathing place in Indonesia. Ciater Hot Spring is located in Subang, Bandung, West Java Province. The natural hot water come from Tangkuban Perahu Mountain which circulates water with temperatures around 43-46 degrees Celsius. The mineral content in this place is indeed very complete, ranging from calcium, magnesium, chloride, sulfate, thermo, minerals and hypertherma that can treat various skin diseases.



9. Gua Susu Hot Spring


gua susu natural hot spring in rinjani lombok

Credit: LocalGuidesConnect


The Mount Rinjani climbers must be familiar with the Gua Susu (Milk Cave) hot spring. It is named Gua Susu because in the cave area there are many white milky white rocks. Not far from the lip of the cave, there is a pool of natural warm water which is suitable for relaxing. You can find this hot spring if climbing taking the Torean route and the distance is only about one kilometer from Segara Anak Lake.



10. Banjar Hot Spring


beautiful banjar hot spring in buleleng regency

Credit: Kura2Guide


Travel to north part of Bali becomes a quite interesting tour itinerary. Here you will be able to visit various popular attractions besides the Lovina Beach. The Buleleng Regency also provides a natural hot spring called the Banjar Hot Spring. This natural bathing place can be an alternative tour destination after tour enjoying the natural beauty of the beaches, waterfalls or mountains in the Buleleng region. With a water temperature of about 35 degrees Celsius is enough to warm the body, improve blood circulation, relieve the symptoms of rheumatism and skin itching.



11. Mount Pancar Hot Spring


mount pancar natural hot water in bogor

Credit: RubrikWisata

Located in the Babakan Madang, Bogor, West Java Province, there is a natural hot spring bathing place in Mount Pancar. Here, there are three types of pools which are public pool, family pool and three flavor pools. The public pool are divided into special pools for men and women. If you want a more personal atmosphere, you can soak in the family pool. However, you have to pay additional fees. Not just taking bath, the hot water from Mount Pancar is also believed can cure various diseases.



12. Guci Hot Spring


bathing place in guci natural hot spring

Credit: TravelsPromo

Want to go to the hot spring while traveling with family? You can visit the Guci Hot Spring in Guci Village, Tegal, Central Java Province. The hot spring here has ten waterfalls and six springs so it is not surprising if this location is a favorite tourist destination in the Central Java area. This hot water is sourced from Mount Slamet which is located next to the Guci Hot Spring. If you soak in this hot water, you can make the muscles of the body more relaxed and supple.