11 Beautiful Beaches in East Nusa Tenggara

East Nusa Tenggara is another hidden beauty of Indonesia. The province which is located in the eastern part of Indonesia is known for its natural beauty and unique culture, without a doubt. Starting from the unique culture and customs to extraordinary charm of its natural beauty, especially the beaches.


There are so many beautiful beaches in East Nusa Tenggara. Here are 11 best beaches you must visit when visiting East Nusa Tenggara.



1. Rutong Beach in Flores


rutong beach in east nusa tenggara

Credit: Edyraguapo

This beach is located in the marine tourism park area of Flores, the Riung 17 Island Marine Park. You can climb to a small hill not far from the beach. The view from the top of the hill was truly extraordinary.



2. Bidadari Island Beach


bidadari island beach in flores

Credit: KomodoTour

Bidadari Island is located not far from Labuan Bajo. Less than an hour away using a rented boat from a fisherman, you can already enjoy the natural clean and quiet beach.


Beside the graceful stretch of white sand, the beach also has an extraordinary underwater charm. Starting from soft and colorful corals to very cute little fishes.



3. Mandorak Beach


beautiful mandorak beach

Credit: KsmTour

Mandorak Beach is a beautiful beach in Sumba Region. This beach is located in Kodi, West Sumba. You can reach it from Waitabula City to Kodi. This beach has clean white sand and sparkling like a pearl.


Very strong beach wave is one of the characteristics of the southern coast of Sumba. The waves are big enough for surfing but relatively safe, make this beach is also famous for many international surfers.



4. Mekko Beach


stunning mekko beach in east flores

Credit: Fajar

This beach is actually a sea sand dune that will look small when the water is high tide. It is located on Adonara Island, a small island next to Larantuka, East Flores. There are regular resident ships bound for Adonara. The name Mekko comes from the name of a village that is located not far from this small island.



5. Kepa Beach


sunset in kepa beach east nusa tenggara

Credit: MIsterAladin

Kepa is a beautiful small island. It is located next to Alor Kecil. It only takes about 20 minutes from Alor Island to Kepa Island. On this island there are small hotels and dive centers to facilitate diving enthusiasts in exploring the underwater beauty of this island.



6. Ndana Beach


ndana beach in east nusa tenggara

Credit: Bluepackerid

Ndana Beach is located on a small island in the southern tip of the archipelago. The name Ndana is actually the name of the island. This island is uninhabited. There are only two guard posts from the Army and Navy. What’s interesting about Ndana Island is its beautiful savanna.


The dusk on this island is also serene. As a beach enthusiast, it is arguably the most beautiful beach among the ten best beaches in East Nusa Tenggara. To reach this island, you must first go to Rote Island.



7. Kolbano Beach


kolbano beach is one of best beaches in east nusa tenggara

Credit: Betantt

For soft white sand beach lovers, Kolbano is definitely not a criteria. However, Kolbano is special because it is easily accessible from the East Nusa Tenggra capital city, Kupang. Another uniqueness of this beach is the rocks along the colorful beach.



8. Otan Beach


the beautiful otan beach in ntt

Credit: KsmTour


Otan Beach is located on Semau, a small island not too far from Kupang City. Less than an hour crossing from the port of Kupang to Semau. This beach tends to be quiet and it has a very long coastline. The beach itself has white sand and ripples that are not too big so very safe to swim and play with waters.



9. Padar Island Beach


beautiful padar island beach in east nusa tenggara

Credit: JelajahPulau


Padar Island is one of the three large islands in the Komodo National Park area. Its location is also not too far from the island of Komodo. To reach this beach, we must rent a boat from Labuan Bajo.


The beaches around Padar Island are unique for their different sand colors. The colors of the sand are pearl white, black and pink.



10. Pink Komodo Beach


the pink komodo beach

Credit: RamadhanIndramulya


The beach which is located in Komodo Island region is already famous all around the world. Its shape resembles a gently sloping bay so that the waves are also not too big.


The main attraction of this beach is the pink color off the sand. The color is actually fragments of red coral carried by the waves and blends with the beach sand.



11. Koka Beach


koka beach is one of stunning beaches in east nusa tenggara indonesia

Credit: Pantainesia


Koka Beach, located in Wolowiro Village, Sikka Regency in Flores Island, is said to be the place where nature spoiled the human eye and mind. Koka Beach has clear turquoise blue water and fine white sand, as well as hills that present beautiful natural scenery.