10 Cool Things to Do in Flores

Flores never disappointed us by its nature and beauty. There are lot of amazing places that shows the real gem of this incredible island. Here are some of the best things you can do in Flores:


1. Feeling the Warm Sunrise at Kelimutu Lakes


warm sunrise at kelimutu lakes


Recharge your energy by the warm of the sunrise on top of Kelimutu peak looking over the three color lakes. It’s really cold on the top, that is why some locals sell hot coffee, tea and ginger that you can enjoy while waiting for the sunrise to come out and witness the beautiful morning colors that the day offers.



2. Try the Sweetest Banana of Flores


sweetest banana

Image by Green TV IPB

When you are going down from Kelimutu Lake, not too far from Moni Village, there is a fruit and vegetable market on the side of the road. You have to try the Bananas of Flores called “Pisang Marmi” or “Banana Marmi”. From the outside they have a pastel color and inside a little bit orange. The taste is absolutely sweet and smooth and also very delicious!



3. Experience Honey Harvesting in Wild


Honey Harvesting in Wild


East Flores is already well known for its honey all over Indonesia. Wide forest area stimulates bees to produce lot of honey and local people take beehive in a wise way. Usually a man would climb the tree where beehive hangs on, but the man would bring smoked reeds beforehand to get rid of the bees.


Be careful when you are waiting under the tree, because once the beehive falls down, bees will fly everywhere so you need to hide as far as you can or bring your own smoked reed otherwise you will be bitten. After the beehive falls down, you can taste pure natural honey without technology process.



4. Experience Fabric Weaving in A Traditional House


Fabric Weaving in flores


Local housewives usually weave at their house while doing house duty every day. They will be happy to teach you how to make one slice fabric from the beginning. Well, this is little bit complicated because one mistake you do, it will affect the results of its motive. The strongest you tighten the yarns, the best quality your fabric will be.


By the way don’t forget to buy your Sarung or other homemade tissue because the cheapest and the best quality are found in small villages such as Moni and other traditional villages.



5. Sleeping Inside Waerebo House


Sleeping Inside Waerebo House


Explore the typical Manggarai clan houses which perfectly can gather 50 people inside. The village of Waerebo is located in the valley of hills and need at least three hours trek to reach it. Local people in this village are very kind and welcoming living a simple life.


There you can feel and experience every day’s life and even experience the no light policy as electricity is turned off after 7 PM. The houses are really warm inside and this will be a one kind experience in your life, you will feel the warmness of the local people and it will wrap your heart in peace.



6. Watch Caci Dance in Manggarai


Caci Dance in Manggarai


In the past, heros and knights performed the dance to celebrate and evoke a battle between villages. But, nowadays, people of Manggarai perform the Caci Dance during celebrations such as: welcoming guest, ordination, wedding party, thanksgiving on harvesting season.


Mostly men who are already married will dance and sing during their fight. One man will hold a weapon with the left hand and whip with the right hand. There will be wound around the back of their body, but that is the pride of this dance.


Moreover, Caci Dance is a combination of arts, because, the dancers perform the art of music or “nenggo” and art of dancing”lomes” in the same time. One could hardly participate if that person does not possess those qualities or talents.



7. Trying Tasty Flores Pineapple


tasty Flores Pineapple


On the way from Manggarai to Labuan Bajo, you will find local people selling local fruits on the side of the road. The most wanted fruit during the trip is Flores Pineapple. The form is bigger than another from outside of Flores. It is more delicious, sweet and sour. Its color is light yellow and its success will make you mouthwatering just to imagine it.



8. Explore the Night Market at Kampung Ujung, Labuan Bajo


Night Market at Kampung Ujung, Labuan Bajo


Located in Labuan Bajo Pear, along the side road you will find many seafood stands with fresh and colorful fresh seafood cooked on the spot. Usually they are musician performing on Saturday night to accompany people (note that the people of Flores have beautiful voice from singing in the church since a young age).


Acoustic will pamper your ears while tasting the best fresh fish and seafood on the island. If you arrive early enough you may be able to enjoy the beautiful colors of Labuan Bajo’s sunsets.



9. Explore Padar Island


Padar island Flores


Padar Island offers amazing view all over the Komodo National Park. It is the must do in Flores. The hike is hard and tough; it gets very hot so make sure you go there early. It will take you a good 1h00 to 1h30 to get on top but once you reach the top the view is “out of this world”.


Once you arrived at the summit you can see many white sand beaches with blue crystal water and many islands that Komodo National Park counts. Padar Island is a hot spot for photographers mainly because of the panoramic view at the top of the viewpoint, this spot can be also great for both sunrise and sunset.



10. Meet Amazing and Colorful Marine Biota




This is located in West Flores, in Komodo National Park, where a lot of snorkeling spot is available. A cool place where you would encounter a special specie is Manta Point, if you are lucky enough you may be able to snorkel or dive and swim with them. Coral is still beautiful to observe and a lot of colorful little fish will gather around it. Lion fish and big turtle would show up if you are lucky to see them. Be careful with your feet and do not step on coral because it could damage its life.


Well those are 10 cool things you can do when visiting Flores Island, beautiful island they call it. So if you’re ready to explore Flores check out our Flores destination page to find out more and don’t forget to check out our amazing programs there!