10 Beautiful Floating Hotels in Indonesia

Who doesn’t know Maldives? The islands which are located in the southwest part of Sri Lanka, are often used as a vacation or honeymoon destination. Clean, clear sand beaches and blue sea water as well as the availability floating luxury resorts make this place exotic even more.


So, don’t be surprised if Maldives is often referred to as a paradise island. However, the holiday costs are very expensive so many people are discouraged from having vacation to Maldives.


But you don’t have to worry because now you can still enjoy a Maldives-style holidays while vacationing in Indonesia archipelago. There are so many new tourist destinations in Indonesia which are no less beautiful when compared to the Maldives.


In fact, tourism developers deliberately make similar destinations with floating lodging models both in the middle of the lake or sea. That way, you can feel great sensation that is not much different from the Maldives offered.


Well, here are 10 Maldives-style floating hotels in Indonesia.



1. Misool Eco Resort


floating Misool Eco Resort in raja ampat

Credit: CruisingIndonesia

Misool Eco is a beautiful resort located within the Raja Ampat area, Papua. The place is far from the hustle and bustle of the crowd and surely will make visitors feel peace and comfort. Moreover, the resort atmosphere is also supported by the limited number of visitors, which is 40 people maximum. Well, for those who like diving, this place is recommeded because of the stunning underwater scenery.



2. Kampung Sampireun Resort & Spa


floating villas in indonesia

Credit: Wanderial

If you are having holiday in West Java you can choose Kampung Sampireun Resort & Spa as a vacation spot. These floating hotels is located in the middle of a shady forest area with green views and fresh air.


Located in Garut Regency, Kampung Sampireun Resort & Spa presents a unique staying experience with luxury bungalows built on the lake. Private canoe is available to explore the resort area which is located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level.


All bungalows in Kampung Sampireun feature natural materials combined with modern comfort. TV, en suite bathroom and balcony area can be found in all bungalows.



3. Dusun Bambu


floating lodges in dusun bambu lembang

Credit: NataRentalMobil


Bandung is very famous for its unique and interesting tourism spots, one of them is the Dusun Bambu. This resort is located in Lembang District, West Bandung Regency, West Java.


All rooms provided are deliberately built using bamboo and are above the lake and surrounded by green trees that add to the beauty of the scenery in the Bamboo Village environment.



4. Pulo Cinta (Love Island)


pulo cinta floating villas in gorontalo

Credit: PuloCinta


Named “Love Island” because of the shape of this floating hotels like love symbol. For those who want to visit this favourite tourist attractions which is located in the Boalemo Regency, Gorontalo Province, must use a boat.


It takes about 25 minutes from the shoreline to arrive at Pulo Cinta. Arriving there, you will feel the sensation of a Maldives-style vacation, which is staying over the blue ocean with very comfortable rooms.



5. Maratua Paradise Resort


maratua paradise resort on the water

Credit: Maratua


If you happen to visit the Derawan Islands in Berau Regency, East Kalimantan, try to stay overnight on Maratua Island. There is Maratua Paradise Resort which held the most beautiful paradise in Kalimantan.


The uniqueness of this resort is its position which is almost entirely above the water. Ranging from rooms to stay, restaurants, halls and several other buildings.


The outside design is also unique, where there is a pier as the front door of the resort. Buildings in this resort are almost all made of wood with the concept of houses on stilts. Maratua Paradise Resort is beautiful evenmore with the turqoise sea color view combined with the color of the building which is mostly brown.



6. Pulau Ayer Resort & Cottages


Pulau Ayer Resort & Cottages in thousand island

Credit: ExploreSeribu

Although this cottage is deliberately made of wood on small size, but still provide a view that is no less beautiful than other tourist attractions. The rooms are built above the sea and there is a small forest around. This Resort and Cottage is located not far from DKI Jakarta, precisely in the row of Thousand Islands, namely Ayer Island.



7. Montigo Resort Nongsa


Montigo Resort Nongsa in batam Indonesia

Credit: TravelingYuk

Besides being known as one of the economic centers of the city, Batam also has several tourist attractions that have extraordinary beauty. One of them is Montigo Resort Nongsa which has white sand along the beach and blue ocean panorama. This resort also provides the sensation of sleeping in the sea water so that it makes the vacation more exciting.



8. Karimunjawa Floating Guesthouse


karimunjawa floating guesthouse

Credit: Booking


Karimunjawa Islands are very famous for the beauty of their beaches. There are some lodgings built above sea water and certainly worth a visit because it gives a different vacation sensation. Those lodges are under the name of Karimunjawa Floating Guesthouse. Beside enjoying the beautiful scenery, you can also try swimming with shark babies around the guesthouse.



9. Papua Paradise Eco Resort


Papua Paradise Eco Resort in Raja Ampat

Credit: DeeperBlue

Raja Ampat’s natural beauty is endless. The island always offer new places or spots to entertain visitors visiting Raja Ampat. Well, this time you can choose Papua Paradise Eco Resort as a vacation destination. The quiet atmosphere, the vast expanse of sea and a row of shady trees will make your holiday more enjoyable.



10. Ora Beach



Credit: Vilector


Another stunning floating hotel in Indonesia you have to visit is the Ora Beach Resort, located in Maluku Province. Beautiful beach with clear water and its location which is far from the crowd makes you feel like you are on vacation at a private beach. Not only the view of the sea this resort offered, but it also offers views of tropical forests that are verdant and really soothing.