10 Things To Do in Raja Ampat Other Than Diving

Raja Ampat is one of the regions in Indonesia that offers panoramic views and exotic underwater scenery. This area at the eastern part of Indonesia has special attraction for tourists. Many visitors come here for diving or snorkeling just to enjoy the underwater world.


In fact, the famous “Dive Magazine” rewarded Indonesia with DIVE Travel Awards 2017 as the best dive sites and live boards in the world. Raja Ampat Island also contributes two spots of the best dive sites in the category of Best Dive Center or Resort which are represented by Misool Eco Resort and Papua Paradise Eco Resort.


Diving in Raja Ampat is everyone dreams but diving is not all you can do in Raja Ampat. The real attraction of Raja Ampat is not only from the amazing underwater view. There are also some interesting activities you can do and we shall share them in this article, the 10 things to do in Raja Ampat other than diving.



1. Sightseeing


sightseeing in raja ampat

Credit: VideoBlocks


The view on the surface of Raja Ampat is just as amazing as the underwater view. There, you can see sparkling seas, scattered small islands, lush tropical trees and hidden lagoons. As far as the eye can see, Raja Ampat is a heaven on earth. In Raja Ampat, the best places to enjoy the wonderful view are in Pianemo and Wayag. There, you can see the expanse of clear blue ocean with charming small green islands.



2. Climbing


climbing the raja ampat islands

Credit: Pikdo


Besides sightseeing, the beautiful landscape of Raja Ampat also offers the opportunities for those of you who have the hobby of climbing or hiking. There are some hills and forest hiking spots to explore. Raja Ampat is also rich in wildlife such as reptiles and birds. Get ready to witness a variety of exotic species along the way to climb.



3. Observe The Birds


observe bird of paradise in raja ampat

Credit: Lamima


Next thing you can do is observing the birds. As you know, Raja Ampat is also home of a variety of exotic and endemic species. These endemic animals include the Cendrawasih (Birds of Paradise) with their elegant and bright colors. The most popular places in Raja Ampat for observing the birds are on Waigeo, Gam, Kri, Mansuar and Urai. Moreover, Raja Ampat is basically a bird habitat. Outside of those five places, you will not difficult to find exotic birds.



4. Taste Local Food


taste the local dishes of raja ampat

Credit: CrazyDutchAbroad


As an archipelago, fresh seafood dishes will always be a familiar menu in Raja Ampat. In fact, the grilled fish that you usually eat can be very different in taste because of delicious variations of spicy ingredients used in local recipes. If you like to have an adventurous spirit, you can try the Papeda (sago starch porridge) which is served with savory and spicy yellow fish soup that become popular dish for the local.



5. Visit Smalls Island


visit small island of raja ampat using boat

Credit: SibukLiburan


For your information, Raja Ampat Islands have more than 1,500 small islands. If you travel with a group, you can rent a boat or join a boat tour to visit those small islands. Of course not all of the islands can be visited. There, you can also explore the coast or just relax on the boat. In fact, you can also sleep at night while laying on the boat and see the stars in the middle of the sea.



6. Swimming and Snorkeling


snorkeling in raja ampat

Credit: SpiritRiau


Diving is not the only way to enjoy the lively biodiversity of Raja Ampat. Beautiful underwater scenes of Raja Ampat can actually be found in every depth of the sea. Swimming and snorkeling can be an option for those of you who can’t dive. Even in the shallow sea, you can see the amazing underwater scenery of Raja Ampat. Among them are charming coral, in contact with exotic fish, turtles, manta rays and other marine animals.



7. Explore The Villages


explore the village of raja ampat

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The Raja Ampat Islands are more than a marvelous maritime landscape. Raja Ampat is also about the people, their diverse and fascinating culture. There, you can explore the villages to catch a glimpse of indigenous culture, languages, customs, crafts and much more. Don’t forget to greet the local people you meet.



8. Pamper Yourself


pamper yourself in luxury resort of raja ampat

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Even though Raja Ampat is relatively primitive, it still has many luxury choices, from beachfront restaurants to luxury resorts with spas and stylish poolside lounge chairs. Find a good place to enjoy yourself. There is nothing more than a calm atmosphere, tropical wind and beautiful views of the heavenly island.



9. Watersport


raja ampat watersports

Credit: RajaAmpatBiodiversity


In every part of the Raja Ampat islands, the ocean can be a perfect place to exercise. You can paddle by yourself across small islands, while enjoying the charm of a tropical climate without worrying about being hit by big waves. On the other side of the island, you can also surf and or do the other watersport activities.



10. Shopping


shopping for souvenir in raja ampat

Credit: BulanSujud


Raja Ampat is an extraordinary, unforgettable tourist destination. Therefore, you need some souvenirs or gifts to remind how amazing the beauty of Raja Ampat is at your home. You can buy key chains, fabrics and traditional musical instruments and wood carvings. Don’t back home without buying the authentic Raja Ampat souvenirs.