5 Indonesian Private Islands and Resorts for A Perfect Getaway

Imagine laying in a hammock on a tranquil beach, while around you there are white sand and turquoise ocean and above, you can see the turquoise skies. It is a secret tropical paradise that no one knows but you. That kind of dream can be real in Indonesia!


With more than 17,000 islands, this gorgeous archipelago offers thousands of irresistible destinations that can turn all your escape fantasy into reality.


Dreaming of a solo escape from the world? Rent an entire island! Want to avoid crowds, but not be completely alone? An exclusive villa in a private resort is for you—you still can meet few people but still relish utmost privacy.


Here are five Indonesian private islands and resorts for your perfect getaway. You can enjoy a holiday like a king in these private islands!



1. Pulau Joyo


pulau joyo is a private island

Credit: TheTravellingStomach


Heaven is on earth, and Pulau Joyo proves it! Situated in Riau, this private island is blessed with dreamy white sands and crystal clear waters. Pulau Joyo is a consummate blend of sumptuous comfort and rustic natural beauty.


You’ll be spoiled with luxurious traditional-style villas, pristine gardens and spa facilities. Gourmets are pampered with fine wine and authentic Indonesian seafood cooked with the best fresh ingredients. The staff are friendly and provide first-rate services.


At the same time, you have ample opportunities to immerse yourself in nature. Swimming and fishing in the sea. Snorkel in the exquisite coral reefs and explore the diverse ocean ecosystem.


Couples may go barefoot on romantic sunset strolls around the island’s blissful beaches.


With a capacity of up to 12 people, Pulau Joyo is the best possible destination for everyone, solo travelers, couples, families and groups alike. It is also easily accessible from Singapore, another favorite tourist destination. At USD 2,779 per night, grab the perfect chance to relax and unwind in this paradise!



2. Isle East Indies


Isle East Indies near thousand islands

Credit: Vilondo


Jakarta, Indonesia’s busy cosmopolitan capital, is far from your image of an idyllic holiday destination. But who knows that there’s a hidden gem nearby.


Isle East Indies is located in the Thousand Islands, just to the north of Jakarta. This stunning private island is about one hectare in size, so you can walk around it in fifteen minutes.


It has four traditional-style houses that can accommodate eight people and provide the ultimate seclusion. There is also a pavilion where you can hang out and gather for drinks.


The private island’s serenity is an ideal environment to get in touch with nature. You can spend a lazy morning on the beach with a book in hand, explore neighboring islands by kayaking, or see the vibrant marine life up close by snorkeling and scuba diving. Other activities you can do include water skiing and fishing.


For USD 5.850 you can have this tiny gem including all the facilities to yourself for four days and three nights. What else are you waiting for? Go book a trip to the island right now!



3. Nikoi Island


Nikoi Island

Credit: BintanTourism


Want to run away from the city crowd and stressful things? Head to Nikoi Island, where busy people can rest harder. All over the island, you can find signs reminding visitors to relax. And there is a selection of things you can do to forget the usual hustle and bustle of city life. Want to dive, swim or sail? Nikoi Island is ready to embody all your wants.


Families will love this sheltered paradise because there are many child-friendly activities available to keep them busy. Your boys and girls can swim, fish, climbing rocks and even do roleplay as pirates hunting for buried treasures while you enjoy a massage.


Nikoi is a private island that carries the concept of sustainable development and eco-tourism. The resort is built using natural materials and is solar-powered. The rooms are cool even without air conditioning.


The island is not only surrounded by beaches and coral reefs but also a banyan forest housing many bird species. No wonder this private island has been dubbed one of the best in the world.


Room rates start at around USD 276 per night. Want to find peace with only few people around? These private resorts are for you.



4. Misool Eco Resort


Misool Eco Resort in Raja Ampat

Credit: CruisingIndonesia


The Raja Ampat Islands in West Papua are famed for its rich marine biodiversity. At Misool Eco Resort, you can see the best of Raja Ampat’s beauty in all its untouched glory. This delightful eco-resort is situated within Misool Island’s marine protected area. The resort also actively contributes to the conservation of the ecosystem.


Because the area is protected, the entire place is fulfilled with jaw-dropping natural scenery for you to explore. Right after you step outside your cottage, jump into the sea for a swim with the fishes. Dive among the coral reefs, kayak through the ocean and snorkel with sharks.


The resort has villas scattered across the island, including more private ones concealed in the quieter parts. Grab the chance at a rate starting from USD 2400 per pax for eight nights, which includes meals and some fun activities.



5. Telunas Beach Resort


Telunas Beach Resort in Sugi Island Riau

Credit: TravelingYuk


Challenge yourself to try the authentic island life at Telunas Beach Resort, where there’s no Wi-Fi! Believe us, it’s not as scary as it sounds, especially with all the resort has to offer.


Try dock jumping or stand up paddle boarding. Go trekking in nature or on a mangrove river tour. At night, roast marshmallows under the starry sky. Finally, go to sleep in a chalet room with an enchanting view of the ocean. This experience will make you forget to internet for a while.


Telunas Beach Resort is a beautiful eco-friendly place located in Riau. The wooden walls and thatched roofs are inspired by traditional Malay houses. At rates starting from USD 57 per night, it’s a suitable private resort for small groups, couples and families.


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