What to Do in Kei Islands

Not only Bali or Raja Ampat, Indonesia has also the Kei Islands in Southeast Maluku, which are no less interesting and very charming. These beautiful islands are still natural and have a million beauties in it. Starting from the calm waves, the clear turquoise sea water, the white soft sand and some best spot to see the sunset.


The Kei Islands which is located in Southeast Maluku Regency, Maluku Province, Indonesia has tremendous tourism potential and currently has adequate infrastructure for tourists to visit. Here are 9 things to do in Kei Islands.



1. Visit Ngur Sarnadan Beach, Ohoi Lilir Village


Visit Ngur Sarnadan Beach in Ohoi Lilir Village

Credit: ArchipelagosID


First thing to do in Kei Islands is to visit the Ngur Sarnadan Beach in Ohoi Lilir Village. This beach share the same coastline with Ngurbloat (Pasir Panjang) Beach. So the beach sand is still similar, smooth and soft like flour. If it is low tide, the beach sand will spread up to 100 meters jutting out to sea. Apart from walking along the shoreline and capturing the sea view, visitors can also walk along the village road which is always shady under lush trees. On this Ngur Sarnadan Beach there are also several cottages for tourists to stay.



2. Visit Pasir Panjang Ngurbloat Beach, Ohoi Ngilngof


visit pasir panjang ngurbloat beach in ohoi ngilngof

Credit: KoranKusut


This beach has the same coastline as Ngur Sarnadan Beach. The length of the coastline reaches more than two km. Along this beach there are huts that can be rented from local people while enjoying local specialties. Similar to Ngur Sarnadan Beach, this beach is also very comfortable to swim and relax while enjoying the sunset. Ngurbloat Beach has also been named as the smoothest sand beach in the world by the National Geographic magazine.



3. Explore The Hawang Cave


Explore The Hawang Cave in kei islands

Credit: Wisato


The cave, which is located in Letvuan Village, is a deep freshwater pool which is very beautiful with the reflection of the sun. According to the story, the pool in Hawang Cave is connected to the Evu spring via an underground river. This beautiful cave consists of two burrows connected by an underground river. So if you dive here you will be able to penetrate the two caves through the underground river.



4. See The Pasir Timbul Ngurtavur – Pelican Habitat


See The Pasir Timbul Ngurtavur

Credit: Youtube


The location of Ngurtavur Beach is on Waha Island, right in front of Warbal Island. Waha Island has white sandy beach that protrudes into the middle of the ocean, two km long and seven meters wide. You can walk to this place at low tide or take a boat at high tide. When you are on this beach, you feel like you are walking in the middle of a vast ocean, but in fact you are walking on a stretch of fine white sand that divides the beach into two sides.


Ngurtavur is also the habitat of Australian Pelicans (Pelecanus conspicillatus) which are migrating to Maluku from their homes in Australia and Papua New Guinea. On this beach you can also do other activities such as swimming and snorkeling.



5. Explore The Bair Island


things to do in Kei Island is exploring the Bair Island

Crredit: ArchipelagosID


Next things to do in Kei Island is exploring the Bair Island. The island is located approximately one hour drive to the north from Dullah Port in Little Kei Island. The landscape of Bair Island is very pleasing to the eye with a clear lagoon with sand and fishes and healthy coral reefs as well. Swimming, picnicking and snorkeling activities can be done here. Apart from exploring around the island, you can enter between the gaps in the very exotic cliffs. During the trip to Bair Island, you will also pass Adranan Island which has charming white sand with clear sea water covering coral reefs and fish that come to you when you do snorkeling here.



6. Watch Sunrise or Sunset from Masbait Hill


masbait hill in kei islands

Credit: Aisyaputriana


Masbait Hill is the highest hill on Little Kei Island located in Kelanit Village. Apart from being a place of pilgrimage for Catholics with a rotating statue of Christ the King, natural attractions of beautiful sunrise and sunset can be enjoyed from the top of this hill.



7. Visit Tanimbar Kei Traditional Village


tanimbar culture village in kei islands

Credit: PasiarKei


Tanimbar Kei which can be reached by sea for 5 hours from Debut Harbor is a traditional village that still adheres to the forms of the buildings, arts, customs and beliefs of their ancestors. The village is divided into two, which are the Kampung Atas and Kampung Bawah. Both are separated by a ladder that rests on a cliff as high as 10 to 15 meters.


On this island, you can find the original Kei traditional house which is a place to store various traditional objects such as traditional statues, gold jewelery, vessels and pottery as well. The legend which states that the ancestors of the Kei people came from Bali can be felt here, with the existence of places of worship in the form of temples and some people adheres to Hinduism.



8. Visit The Luvat Cave


The Luvat Cave

Credit: KeiTourism


This ancient site in Ohoi Dertawun is phenomenal because the paintings on the cave walls which describe the Sun, Arrow, Boat & Animal, are relics of prehistoric times during the Megalithic era (big stone age) where humans began to recognize the concept of divinity even though it was still very traditional. The painting depicts the lifestyle and activities of society at that time related to nature.



9. Explore The Ngav Island, Er & Ngodan


things to do in ngav island

Credit: Wisato


The last things to do in Kei Island are exploring the Ngav Island, Er & Ngodan. These three islands located just west of Ohoi Dertawun are a favorite destination for island hopping that can be done in one day. The stretch of white sand beaches and snorkeling spots with coral reefs are the main attractions of the three islands. If you are lucky, you can also find a group of black fin sharks (Carcharhinus limbatus) on the edge of the beach.