The Exotic Sunset in Tanjung Gelam Beach Karimunjawa

The charm of Karimunjawa Island is endless. There are many beautiful spots that can be explored. Not only offers clean beaches, in the island located in the northwest of Jepara Regency, Central Java, visitors can always see the beautiful sunset which is so charming. One of the best spots to view the sunset is from Tanjung Gelam Beach.


Tanjung Gelam Beach is on the main island of Karimunjawa. It has a shape of cape with land protruding into the sea. With clean white sand and palm trees neatly lined up on the beach, anyone who comes here is guaranteed to be difficult not to fall in love with this beach.


You can sit while looking at the exotic panorama accompanied by a soothing beach breeze. Moreover, the sea water is so clear with a bluish green color that will surely refresh your mind. You can also swim directly around the beach.


tanjung gelam karimunjawa

Credit: WartaWisata


If you feel not enough just being lazy on the beach, you can try to explore the underwater exoticism in this area by snorkeling or diving. But don’t forget, you need a diving license if want to do scuba diving in Karimunjawa waters. If you don’t have it, you can choose snorkeling. The underwater scenery is very amazing.


The facilities available in Tanjung Gelam beach area are also quite adequate. There are a number of food stalls that sell seafood cuisine, such as fish barbecues served with coconut water. You can also enjoy snacks such as instant noodles, young coconut ice, coffee and tea around the beach.


Usually, the tourists that come to Karimunjawa Islands make the Tanjung Gelam as their last destination after full day tour exploring Karimunjawa. Beside enjoying the typical panorama of the beach, waiting for the sunset here is so thrilling. From the shoreline, you can watch the sun slowly slipping into the western horizon, offering a golden orange glow that slowly fades and becomes dark.


beautiful beach in karimunjawa islands

Credit: Pinterest


The position of the beach which is in the west tip of the island does allow the visitors to get a perfect location to catch the moment of the sunset. Reach of sight will not be obstructed anything so you can freely enjoy the evening. Your range of vision will not be obstructed so you can freely enjoy the evening. You can also take pictures of the sunset while listening to the tide.


If you travel to this beach one week after the Eid Al-Fitr, you can also watch the Lomban Festival. This tradition is a kind of sea charity as well as an expression of local community gratitude for the blessings they have been receiving.


The access to Tanjung Gelam Beach is also easy. You can choose to go by sea or land. All you need to know, if you use the sea lane, you can not stay longer because the sea will tide at night. Usually, your tour will end around 6PM. However, if you are not in hurry, you can enjoy the trip by renting a land vehicle such as a motorcycle or car. You need about 20 minutes to 45 minutes if departing from Karimunjawa Square.