8 Best Spots to Enjoy Sunrise in Lombok

Lombok is one of the most famous islands of Indonesia which has a population of over 3 million. Located in the province of West Nusa Tenggara, Lombok is separated into four districts located in the West, East, North and Central and has a main city called Mataram.


Each location has many tourist areas that provide beautiful scenery such as mountains, hills and beaches. Almost all tourist attractions in Lombok present a beautiful view of the sunrise or the sunset.


Do you like taking sunrise or sunset pictures? Then you have to go to these places. Here are 8 best spots to enjoy sunrise in Lombok.



1. Mount Rinjani


mount rinjani sunrise

Credit: Flickr

Mount Rinjani is the highest volcano in West Nusa Tenggara and the second highest volcano in Indonesia. Rinjani has a height of about 3,726 above sea level and is perfect for climbers who like challenges.


It is not easy for everyone to reach the highest peak. Various types of obstacles must be passed by tourists such as savanna and extensive tropical forests. Tourists must prepare well their physical condition before climbing the summit of Mount Rinjani. There are many steep and dangerous routes await.


During the trip tourists will be able to witness the view of Mount Rinjani such as sunset and sunrise as well as the vast expanses of natural scenery. The view of the clouds visible from the top adds the exoticism of the place.



2. Gili Trawangan


gili trawangan sunrise view

Credit: DiLombok

Gili Trawangan is a tourist attraction with a small island which is popular among foreign and local tourists in Lombok. Gili Trawangan is located north of the island of Lombok. The air and atmosphere on the island is very natural because of regulations that prohibit motorized vehicles from operating.


The beautiful white sand beach are the additional attractions in Gili Trawangan. The most amazing moment of this place is at sunrise and sunset which can be seen from one place. This is due to the location of the island which has beaches facing east and west. When the sun rises visitors will see a very beautiful view Mount Rinjani.



3. Malimbu Hill


sunrise in malimbu hill lombok

Credit: FactsOfIndonesia

Malimbu Hill is located at the edge of Senggigi Beach. This hill is also a best spot to enjoy the sunrise and sunset views. There is a special moment when the sunrise session can not be missed because it only happens briefly.


This hill also offers views of the expanse of blue ocean and white sand from the top of the hill. Going to Malimbu Hills requires a little effort because the path taken is very steep. After arriving at the location, you will be presented with a beautiful view and also a swarm of monkeys roaming the hill.



4. Labuhan Haji Beach


sunrise view from labuhan haji

Credit: LombokAtraktif

Labuhan Haji is one of the famous and legendary regional names in East Lombok. From the name we can guess that this city is rich with the history of Islamic development. Apparently, this old city in Lombok has several attractive tourist destinations.


In Labuhan Haji we can find a variety of unique beach attractions, nature and interesting historical relics. The best view in this place is when the sun rises. There is a small dock that can be used as a place to enjoy the beautiful sunrise. This place is always crowded with local and international visitors because it is close to Selong City, the capital of East Lombok Regency.



5. Sire Medana Beach


sunrise view from sire medana beach lombok

Credit: MisterAladin

This place has calm waves because it is located in the north part of Lombok Island. It is suitable for families or other visitors who want to enjoy their vacation by playing water on the beach safely. The view from Mount Rinjani can also be seen from this location.


When the sun rises, the sun will emerge from behind Mount Rinjani. Of course this further adds to the exoticism of this beach. Visitors must arrive early to be able to enjoy the view of the sunrise because it only lasts a short time.



6. Tanjung Ringgit


sunrise from tanjung ringgit

Credit: MiCommunity


Tanjung Ringgit is located at the eastern end of the island of Lombok. The path chosen to reach the location is not too good but can still be reached by car or motorcycle. This is due to its location which is very far from the city area.


However, damaged road constraints will be replaced by the beauty of the surrounding hills and cliffs. The beauty of the sunrise in this place is also an attraction for visitors. Tanjung Ringgit location on the cliff makes the beauty of the sunrise more visible. From the top of the cliff, visitors can also see Mount Rinjani and exotic Sumbawa Island.



7. Tanjung Aan


tanjung aan sunrise

Credit: Flickr


Tanjung Aan is a beautiful beach located in the Central Lombok region, about 75 km from the city of Mataram. Tanjung Aan has a stretch of beach about 2 kilometers in length and has a very white sand color.


Sunrise and sunset panoramas can be seen clearly from the hills around the coast. Beautiful views of the hill and sunlight into a beautiful combination coupled with a vast expanse of sea.



8. Bukit Batu Idung


beautiful sunrise view from bukit batu idung

Credit: IqbalAzhary


Batu Idung is a hill with enchanting panoramas that spoil the eyes. To arrive at this tourist spot, visitors need about 40 minutes drive from the city of Mataram using a vehicle. This hill has a height of 250 meters above sea level and presents a natural charm that spoil the eyes. Do not worry because the climbing route to the top of the hill is not too difficult and can be passed by novice climbers.


From the peak, visitors can see the scenery around the district of West Lombok to the city of Mataram. There are rice fields, homes, factories, mosques soaring up to the temple also looks beautiful from a height. The natural scenery offered by this hill is more perfect when the sun starts to rise or set. Batu Idung has spots for sunset in the western horizon and sunrise in the eastern horizon.


There are still many good places to see the sunrise or sunset in Lombok. Each place has different characteristics and experiences. Visitors must prepare camera equipment to be able to capture the beautiful scenery of the eight best places to enjoy the sunrise or sunset in Lombok.