Pulo Cinta, The Maldives of Indonesia

The beauty of the Indonesian waters is indeed undoubted. Lots of places in this archipelago are starting to become favorite tourist destinations nowadays, especially for beach tourism. Not only Bali and Lombok that are famous for their beach tourism, there is another beautiful and romantic one named the Pulo Cinta in Gorontalo.


If you often hear Maldives as a romantic destination in the world, Indonesia has also romantic island called Pulo Cinta or Pulau Cinta. Located in Boalemo District, Gorontalo Province, this Pulo Cinta (Love Island) can give you an experience with calm atmosphere and breathtaking beach views. Pulo Cinta or Cinta Island has a shape of ‘heart’ when viewed from a height.


pulau cinta view from above

Credit: CumiLebay


Pulo Cinta is also often referred to as the Maldives of Indonesia. As the name implies, the uniqueness of this place is an island that has a shape of love or heart. You can enjoy your honeymoon and romantic holiday on this island. You are not only presented with a beautiful turquoise sea view but also the exotic marine life as well.


For those of you planning to visit Pulo Cinta, you can buy airplane ticket to Jalaluddin Airport, Gorontalo. Upon arrival at the airport, then you will continue your journey by car to Boalemo District. This road trip to Boalemo will take around 2 hours. In this case, you can save your money even more if you book a hotel before arriving in Pulo Cinta. Tourists who have booked a room in advance will usually get a free ride to Boalemo. After you arrived in Boalemo District, you will cross the sea by boat to your main destination. After traveling for 25 minutes, then you will arrive at the “Maldives of Indonesia”.


Currently, Pulo Cinta can be said to be one of the main tourist destinations in Gorontalo. As a main attraction, the local tourism officers strive to develop the potential of this island by making more facilities for the tourists. One facility you should not miss is the Pulo Cinta Eco Resort.


pulo cinta eco resort

Credit: PanduanWisata


This eco resort is the first and the only resort on the island. A cottage made of wood roofed with shingles and straw, will make you feel like living in a traditional village. There are three types cottages including the first type cottage with an area of 92 m2 consisting of one bedroom, the second type with an area of 156 m2 consisting of two bedrooms and the third type cottage with an area of 212 m2 consisting of three bedrooms.


Each type of those cottages are also equipped with a terrace, family room and private pool. To enjoy all these facilities, you need to spend around IDR3.500.000 to IDR5.000.000/night including transportation costs and meals three times a day. It’s quite expensive, but it is worth it because you can stay in an amazing island with great atmosphere.


things to do in pulo cinta

Credit: Blanja


There are so many beautiful spots and many ways to enjoy the island, from enjoying the sounds of the sea from the terrace, sunbathing on the deck, snorkeling or float around the resort and of course, spending time here with the people that you love. Pulo Cinta shall not make you disappoint.


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