Bali Arts Festival 2019 to Propose “Bayu Pramana” as the Theme

Bali Arts Festival 2019 is held from June 15th – July 13th. It is one of the most famous festivals in Bali and consists of a full month of daily cultural performances, handicraft exhibitions and many more arts-related activities.


This year, the 41st Bali Arts Festival or PKB 2019 promote a theme “Bayu Pramana: Memuliakan Sumber Daya Angin” which means “Bayu Pramana, to glorify the Wind Energy as Natural Resource”.


The concept of Bayu Pramana comes from two words which are “Bayu” which means the wind and “Pramana” which mean the strength. According to Bali Art Festival’s theme initiator, I Nyoman Suarka, Bayu Pramana can be interpreted as the breath of life. Then the theme’s meaning can be transformed into creativity artworks, all of which will be related to the air element. The artworks can be implemented into dances, theaters and carnivals along with art contests involving all Balinese people and tourists.



bali arts festival opening parade



The Bali Arts Festival is considered the longest, extensive and most lively art festival in the tradition of festivals in Indonesia, lasting for a whole month, involving thousands of artists from all over Bali. Famous for its grand opening carnival and for forty years the President of the Republic of Indonesia has always attended the opening ceremony. This festival represents the pinnacle of art work throughout the year.



indonesia president on opening ceremony of bali arts festival



It is an important agenda for tourists and art lovers throughout Bali and even the archipelago. This festival involves thousands of artists (around 3,000) both locals and foreigners. Artists, communities, tourists and news media will overflow the streets especially during the opening ceremony to take part in the Bali Arts Festival performance.


Every city and district all around Bali and some other regions outside Bali is required to send delegations to display artwork. The committee must also check and ensure the preparation of each region periodically so that the Bali Art Festival’s content matches the theme proposed.


All the participants in the festival have been well selected and they come from creative industry community throughout Bali. Therefore, the Bali Arts Festival as the festival for the people can become a reality. The people would be happy to see, to observe and to present their best arts and craft works.



art performance at ardha chandra art center

Image Source: TripTrus


The festival will last for one month and will begin with the opening march on June 15th, 2019 in front of the Bajra Sandhi Monument, a monument to admire Balinese People Struggle from time to time, which is located in Renon, Denpasar.


Meanwhile the closing ceremony will be held at Ardha Chandra Open Stage on July 13th, 2019. Ardha Chandra or known as Art Center in Bahasa Indonesia is traditional stage and exhibition hall located at Kesiman District, municipality of Denpasar.



bali arts festival opening ceremony



The Bali Arts Festival becomes the space for all of the glorious and beauty values of the arts and culture of Bali. Bali Governor, Wayan Koster, has expressed his great support for the festival asking firm commitment from all concerned parties to conserve the yearly festival by implementing professional management.


Moreover, strong management will be the foundation in developing the Balinese Arts and Culture as well as conserving the basic arts of the Balinese classical and traditional arts.