Traditional Markets

Although Bali is becoming known for its high-end malls and gigantic department stores, the Bali traditional markets remain the best places to shop for everything, including basic goods and souvenirs. Bali offers all different kind of markets and gives you a unique shopping experience where you can pick up local arts and crafts, jewelry, cheap fashion items and souvenirs.


A trip to the market are definitely worth a visit if you plan on shopping, even if that’s not the intention the markets are a fantastic place to experience local Indonesian food for a good price. For both reasons it offers a fun and existing insight into traditional Balinese culture and should definitely be on your bucket list for things to do in Bali. Bargaining is part of the shopping experience at Bali traditional markets. Do it with a smile and the experience of bargaining with the price can be fun and exciting.



Pasar Badung


badung traditional market


The Badung traditional market is located on Gajah Mada Street in the center of Denpasar. This traditional market become a center of city’s economy and the biggest as well as the most popular market in Bali. It opens daily from dawn to dawn and it has unique landscape. For those who loves photography, this market is a good one for awesome and colorful captures.



Pasar Kumbasari


kumbasari traditional market


Near to Badung Market and Badung River is the Kumbasari Pasar (Market). It can be reach by crossing the river at the opposite of Badung Market. Pasar Kumbasari is purely an art market, stocking sarongs, paintings, textiles, woodcarvings and other souvenir items. You can find Balinese traditional cloths with gold element in every detail, beautiful painting from local artist and many more. As  a traditional market the area is little bit dirty and smelly but this is the truly Bali for your experience.



Pasar Kreneng


kreneng traditional market


Kreneng traditional market is located in the city of Denpasar. This market was built in 1983, consists of three floors. The market is a great source of basic goods including groceries, fresh produce and spices at local, affordable prices. At night, the market turns into a night bazaar that attracts food lovers. If you go at night there will be rows of food stalls offer tasty selection of Javanese, Indonesian and Balinese dishes, all made fresh and served piping hot.



Pasar Ubud


ubud art market


Ubud traditional art market is one of Bali’s largest art markets. It is also one of the most popular attractions in the Ubud area. Perfect for art lovers and bargain hunters, Ubud art market is full of handmade goods and artworks, all at very reasonable prices.



Pasar Sukawati


sukawati traditional art market


Sukawati traditional art market is definitely one of the most popular and eternal art markets in Bali. The market attracts thousands of shoppers every day. This is the best market to check out if you are looking for gift items, such as accessories, handicrafts and souvenir items at a great price.


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