9 Most Beautiful Savanna in Indonesia

Have you ever seen a beautiful large green grass or barren grass that already dried In Indonesia? It is known as savanna. Savanna is generally located in the tropics and subtropics area. Africa and Australia are very famous for their savanna.


Moreover, you can see beautiful savanna in several cities in Indonesia as it become the tourist attraction. For example, the Savanna in Mount Bromo area. The beauty of it will leave you stunned.


Below are 9 most beautiful savanna in Indonesia that you can visit to create an unforgettable moment or wonderful experiences while having holiday in this archipelago country.



1. Sembalun Savanna at Rinjani Mountain, Lombok


sembalun savanna in rinjani

Credit: FakhriAnindita


Mount Rinjani is located in the area of Mount Rinjani National Park. It is the second-highest mountain in Indonesia. When you want to hike the mountain, there are two paths for hiking trails. The first is the Senaru path and the second one is the Sembalun path.


You can see the 6 km wide beautiful savanna in Sembalun. This savanna is also called “Gunung Pantai”. The characteristics of the savanna are no trees and shelter. It is one of the wonderful attractions at Rinjani Mountain.


2. Bekol Savanna at National Park of Baluran, Situbondo


bekol savanna in baluran

Credit: InsangKu


The second beautiful savanna you can visit is the Bekol Savanna at Baluran National Park. It is located in Situbondo, East java. There are some stunning places you can see such as the swamp forest, rains forests, mangroves plant and the amazing savanna.


The savanna width is about 25,000 ha. It has some variety of animals such as elk, deer or Buffalo. Beside, there are some species of birds and also a wild cat.


You don’t have to go to Africa if you want to see beautiful savanna. Just go to Baluran National Park. The atmosphere here can make you feel like in Africa, so wide and dry. At the same time you can also enjoy the wildlife.


To get to this Savana, you can take a plane to Banyuwangi and use a car to go to Baluran National Park.



3. Argopuro Mountain, Situbondo, East Java


Argopuro Mountain Savanna

Credit: Kabutipis


Argopura Mountain is located in Probolinggo City, East Java. Mount Argopuro has an altitude of around 3,088 m above sea level. If you want to reach the top of Argupuro, it takes about three days to climb.


Along the hiking journey you will see some beautiful nature spots. You can also enjoy savanna views in several locations around Argopuro Mountain such as Kaliangkek, Cisentor, etc. But the popular place to see the beautiful savanna scenery is from Cikasur.


In the rainy season, you will see savanna with dark green and light green gradations. You can also see yellow grass in dry season. When visiting Mount Argopuro, you will also see a valley with beautiful views.



4. Oro-oro Ombo at Semeru Mountain, East Java


Oro-oro Ombo savanna in semeru rinjani

Credit: BackpackerJakarta


To be able to enjoy the beauty of this savanna is not easy because the location of it which is at the foot of Mount Semeru.


You have to climb Mount Semeru to the last post before you can witness the beauty of this savanna called the Oro-oro Ombo.


For climbers who want to continue the journey to the Kalimati Post or Mahameru Peak on Mount Semeru, they will pass a path called Oro-oro Ombo. Oro-oro Ombo is a savanna on Mount Semeru near Bukit Cinta (Love Hill).


Bukit Cinta itself is located right near Ranu Kumbolo. After climbing Bukit Cinta in the fourth post area of Mount Semeru, climbers will be stunned with views of the savanna in Oro-oro Ombo.



5. Savanna in Bromo, East Java


Savanna in Bromo East Java

Credit: HelloEchi


Savanna Bromo is a vast expanse of grassland located on the south side of Mount Bromo. This beautiful tourist attraction is also known as Jemplang Valley. Here, you will feel peace and comfortable because the beauty of the savanna meadows which is very beautiful.


The savanna is also surrounded by green hills in the west while in the east you will see a towering cliff filled with green trees.



6. Savanna in Kenawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara


Savanna in Kenawa Island

Credit: IntanInchan

Kenawa island is located in West Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. This place is a favourite destination for locals and also foreign tourists. It is a small island but you can see the beautiful beaches view with dark or white sand.


Also, you can see a 15 hectares savanna located in the middle of the island. You can access the savanna by using a ship. You have to take Ferry Ship from Kayangan Harbor to Poto Tano Harbor. After you arrive there, you must take a fishing boat to get to Kenawa Island. The price of the ship depends on what class you take.



7. Wairinding Hill, East Nusa Tenggara


Wairinding Hill in East Nusa Tenggara

Credit: Pinterest

Wairinding hill is one of the popular tourist destinations you have to visit. It is located in Pambota Jara, East Nusa Tenggara. You will see the yellow grass in the dry season and green grass in the rainy season.


At a glance, Wairinding Hill looks similar to regular hills. However, the unique shape makes it special and has attracted more visitors over time.


Not only people can enjoy photography, but they can also explore the site and get to the top of the hill by trekking. From up there, the panorama looks more amusing. It features peaceful nearby mountains and hills! What is next? The hill also becomes a perfect location to witness either sunrise or sunset.



8. Teletubbies Hill, Mount Prau, Wonosobo


Teletubbies Hill in Mount Prau Wonosobo

Credit: ObyekWisataDieng

Next beautiful savanna you can visit is the Teletubbies Hill in Mount Prau, Dieng, Wonosobo Regency. Dieng is a paradise for climbers. Dozens of hills and mountains offer a thousand beauties and the most famous one is Mount Prau Dieng.


The Teletubbies Hill provides a perfect sunrise and sunset view. You will see beautiful grass and if you want to reach savanna in Teletubbies Hill, you have to climb the Mount Prau. It takes approximately about three hours.



9. Tegal Panjang, Mount Papandayan


tegal panjang in mount papandayan

Credit: IndonesiaTourism

Other savannas you can visit is Tegal Panjang in Mount Papandayan, West Java. It is located 2665 m above sea level. Tegal Panjang is a large savanna in the area of Papandayan, Garut, West Java. When viewed from above, the Savana is irregularly elongated, surrounded by wilderness.


To reach Tegal Panjang, tourists must crossing mountains, valleys and forests. There are two ways to reach Tegal Panjang. Through Papandayan Mountain and Pangalengan. Both require six hours of tracking across the mountains and forests of the nearest village. It has an area of 46.8 hectares and completed with green grass. This place usually called the New Zealand of Indonesia.